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Farrah Fawcett Ryan O'Neil

Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal: Epic Love Story

Ryan O'Neal told People magazine late last week that friends and family were gathering to say their goodbyes to his partner of almost 30 years, Farrah Fawcett, as her three-year battle with cancer appears to be near its end. The love story of the Charlie's Angel pinup and Oscar nominee O'Neal has been an epic one, spanning decades, producing a son, and earning comparison to other long-term unmarried celeb couples, like Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, and Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. "It's a love story," O'Neal said. "I just don't know how to play this one. I won't know this world without her."

jon gosselin, kate gosselin, jon & kate plus 8

A Jon & Kate Plus 8 Update

A fifth season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 is gearing up and wouldn't you know it, there's some drama in the lives of Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin. Rumors abound that Jon Gosselin is having an affair. And Kate Gosselin is hitting the talk show circuit to shoot down those rumors and maybe talk about her book Eight Little Faces a little. Convenient.

lance armstrong sheryl crow

Armstrong Blames Crow's Biological Clock For Split

There are a lot of reasons why Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow might have called it quits. His not-quite-ex-wife. Her touring schedule. Those garish, if not well-intended yellow rubber bracelets. The fact that she sang a duet with Kid Rock. And yet, when the Grammy-award winning singer and seven-time Tour de France champion/cancer survivor finally threw in the towel — after two and a half years of working out, working the red carpet, and working for a cure — it was actually due to something far less glitzy and a lot more human: Crow's 43-year-old biological clock.

heidi klum seal

It's A Girl For Seal And Heidi Klum

Three weeks ago, while performing at Radio City Music Hall, Seal made a big announcement about his family. "[The] topic outside our hotel is, 'Is Heidi having another baby?'" he told the audience. "Heidi and I are having another baby!" The music venue erupted in cheers. Celebrity blogs went nuts. And almost immediately, interviewers began asking: "Will it be a boy or a girl?" "We'd be happy with either," Heidi told Us. "But it would be a lie if said we all weren't hoping for a girl —— especially Leni, because she would love to have a little sister." Fortunately for Leni, 5, the time for hoping has already come to an end, and the time for celebrating has fully arrived. Because, as Seal just told Oprah on yesterday's episode of her show, he and Heidi are indeed expecting a girl.

Jennifer Hudson Returns Her Man’s Proposal

Jennifer Hudson Returns Her Man’s Proposal

Seven months after her boyfriend, David Otunga, popped the question, Jennifer Hudson struck a blow for gender equality and asked him to marry her right back, with a stunning piece of jewelry to sweeten the deal. Jennifer and jeweler Neil Lane, who also designed the engagement ring she wears, designed a five-carat platinum and diamond ring that she presented to Otunga on his 29th birthday last month. Read: A Quick History Of Engagement Rings "Jennifer wanted to give him something really special when she asked David to marry her," Lane told People. "It was very sentimental and romantic ... They are really in love."

Josh Duhamel and Fergie

Will Fergie And Josh Duhamel Break Up Over Baby?

Hubby Josh Duhamel, on the other hand, doesn't feel as strongly about having his black eyed peas implanted in another woman's uterus. Josh would rather Fergie have the baby herself, a natural request to make of one's newly wedded spouse. "Josh has told Fergie that if she can take time off to have their baby, he's more than willing to play Mr. Mom after the child is born."

Bradley Cooper

Is Bradley Cooper Jennifer Aniston's New Brad?

Could it be that Aniston has finally found her leading man? Probably not but she sure did pick a cute one to practice on. Bradley Cooper is apparently a front-runner for the role of The Green Lantern which means his chest will only be getting bigger and his eyes that much bluer.