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jennifer aniston, gerard butler

Rumors Amuse Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler

If you've been keeping up with the tabloids lately, you'll know that Gerard Butler is tearing a swath through the ladies of Tinsel Town. The sexy Scot has been linked to Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz and poor-little-single-girl Jennifer Aniston. And Jennifer Aniston, for her part, has been tied to Bradley Cooper, John Mayer, Brad Pitt and Gerard Butler in the last 8 months alone. Evidently, this dating-by-association really tickles both Butler and Aniston.

Megan Fox

9 On-Screen Vixens We Channel

There are those female characters on TV whose balls make them sexy. The "Saved by the Bell," Megan Fox and Betty White crazes this week inspired us to list the hottest wonder women of our time.

shannon elizabeth

Last Tweet: DWTS Derek Hough & Shannon Elizabeth

Yesterday evening (Friday, August 7th), Derek and Shannon announced the end of their relationship, as only two mildly recognizable reality show competitors could: via Twitter. Proving to be as well choreographed on the social networking site as they once were on the dance floor, the pair sent out matching tweets, but with different pronouns.

Top 7 Romantic John Hughes Moments

Top 7 Romantic John Hughes Moments

John Hughes gave so much to so many: He gave Molly Ringwald's knickers to Anthony Michael Hall, he gave Ferris Bueller the day off, and he gave all of us Jake Ryan. He also, for better and for worse, influenced how millions think about romance.

christina aguilera

Christina Aguilera Feels Sexier As Mom

So, we guess the days of raunchy sexcapades is over for the Beautiful singer. While we must admit while scenes from Fighter were strong, powerful images, the whole look was a little, well, Dirty. And then of course, there was the Madonna-Britney-Christina kiss at the VMAs. But we're done discussing Christina's past transgressions. If she's feeling sexier right now as a mom, we're proud of her.