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Kelis and Nas

Kelis To Receive $40K A Month From Nas

Kelis may have given her newborn son an important life lesson: It's all about the Benjamin's, baby. A day after the singer gave birth to a son, Knight, at a New York hospital, a judge ordered granted the singer nearly $40,000 a month in supporter from estranged husband, at Knight's father, Nas. According to The Associated Press, a Los Angeles judge order the rapper to pay Kelis $30,791 in spousal support and also shell out $9,027 for baby Knight.

jon gosselin

Jon Gosselin, Lover Hide With Lindsay Lohan's Dad

Kate Gosselin is a beacon of civility. Hailey Glassman is yesterday's news. Michael Lohan is a champion of D-List privacy. Jon Gosselin is a good father. And Kate Major is the right person at the right time. YourTango has the scoop on the latest in the bizarre world of Jon and Kate Gosselin.

robert pattinson and kristen stewart

The Twilight Cast In Love At Comic-Con

This year's Comic-Con is off the hook. But one of the biggest buzzes, so far, has been about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's off-screen romance? Is it real? Are they just like Edward Cullen and Bella Swan when the cameras are off? That kind of sexual tension could just be great acting. Everyone seemed to love them in Twilight, we'll see what New Moon has to offer.

Nikki Reed Dating Paris Latsis

Nikki Reed Dating Paris Latsis

Nikki Reed has moved on from her rumored fling with costar Robert Pattinson, right into the arms of Paris Latsis. She's met his family in Greece and they've been dating for six months.

Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter Star Wants A Curvy, American Woman

Tonight, millions of American women will be able to go to bed happy, rocked to sleep by their increasingly likely hopes that one day Daniel Radcliffe may come calling. We already know that he likes older women. And that he sometimes uses the media to find the girl of his dreams. Today, we also learn a few things more: Not only does the half-blood prince prefer Americans to his native Brits, BUT that he likes them curvy at that. Step back Keira!