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John Edwards' Love-Child Hush-Money Cover-Up

The National Enquirer is reporting that secret DNA tests confirm that John Edwards is indeed the father of former campaign worker Rielle Hunters' 18-month-old daughter Frances. What's more, it seems like the disgraced presidential candidate may be under investigation for misuse of campaign funds, allegedly funneled to his baby's mamma and the pretend father of the child, former campaign worker and sex tape videographer Andrew Young, as hush money.

Celeb Couple Barbies We'd Like To See

Celeb Couple Barbies We'd Like To See

We think it will be so much fun playing with our Rob and Kristen Twilight Barbie dolls that we'd like to ask the good folks over at Mattel to whip up a few more celeb couple dolls. Here are our nine celeb couples that we'd like to play with.

Tom Brady and son

Tom Brady Loves Kid, Wants "A Lot" More

Why wait to be drafted by a football team when you can just build your own? While that may not be exactly what was on Tom Brady's mind when he told Details that he wants "a lot of kids," were currently imagining him with his own pee-wee football team. In the upcoming issue of the men's magazine, the Patriot quarterback opens up about his personal life. Brady talked about his relationship with supermodel Gisele Bundchen and about how he learned about and handled news of his ex-girlfriend's pregnancy. Brady's first son, John (aka Jack) is now 2 years old. He was born to Brady's ex, actress Bridget Moynahan. It was after Brady and Moynahan broke up that he learned of her pregnancy, noting the situation forced him to "grow up in a lot of ways."

jennifer aniston, gerard butler

Rumors Amuse Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler

If you've been keeping up with the tabloids lately, you'll know that Gerard Butler is tearing a swath through the ladies of Tinsel Town. The sexy Scot has been linked to Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz and poor-little-single-girl Jennifer Aniston. And Jennifer Aniston, for her part, has been tied to Bradley Cooper, John Mayer, Brad Pitt and Gerard Butler in the last 8 months alone. Evidently, this dating-by-association really tickles both Butler and Aniston.