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John Edwards

John Edwards Moves Ex-Lover, Child Closer To Home

John Edwards is moving the mother of his love-child into his upscale, waterfront North Carolina neighborhood and will help raise their baby, says the National Enquirer in yet another exclusive report on the disgraced former Presidential candidate. Although lacking proof, sources close to other-woman Rielle Hunter say they believe Edwards is paying for her move.

Robert Pattinson Is Ready To Date You

Robert Pattinson Is Ready To Date You

Despite recent reports that he is totally all up in Kristen Stewart's lady business, Robert "I Don't Want to Accidentally Wash the Sparkles Off" Pattinson claims he's single, and now he's bemoaning his lonely, empty, coitus-free life.

TLC Says Jon Gosselin Violated 'Morals Clause'

TLC Says Jon Gosselin Violated 'Morals Clause'

Jon Gosselin is receiving a long overdue slap on the wrists from the hand that feeds him. TMZ and Radar Online reports that the father-of-eight-turned-serial-dater has received a strongly worded letter from TLC saying he has violated the "morals clause" of his contract with the family-friendly channel.

Mindy McCready affair roger clemens

Mindy McCready Spills On Roger Clemens Affair

Troubled country singer Mindy McCready will tell the world about her sordid affair with former Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens on a VH1 reality series set to premiere in January. The singer and Clemens met when she was a teenager and reportedly had a decade-long affair that ended when he refused to leave his wife.

pete wentz, ashlee simpson-wentz

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz's Major Public Spat

There may be trouble in eyeliner paradise. Perez Hilton reported on Monday that Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and hubby Pete Wentz got into a huge public fight after Ashlee downed one too many drinks at the one-year anniversary party of Wentz's Chicago Bar, Angels and Kings.