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Daniel Radcliffe Has A Girlfriend

Daniel Radcliffe Has A Girlfriend

It does not suck to be Daniel Radcliffe: The 19-year-old stars in the weekend's highest-grossing movie, is worth more than Princes William and Harry, and is beloved of 11-year-old reporters everywhere. And, it turns out, he's not sitting alone on Saturday nights counting his money. Dan has been dating actress Laura O'Toole since 2007.

simon cowell lap dance

Simon Cowell Still Loving Lap Dances

It has become pretty clear that American Idol judge Simon Cowell enjoys the company of a lady every now and again. And by company, we mean a lady giving him a lap dance to reward him for all of his hard work discovering unknown talent all over America and Britain. Cowell was spotted out at club VIP in Saint-Tropez, France on Sunday, and during part of his night of fun, he received what appeared to be a lap dance from an unknown brunette. Radar Online has a few nice pictures of the dance and Cowell's surprised face when he realized he was being photographed. Although the mystery woman's face cannot be seen in any of the pictures, she and Cowell appear to be enjoying themselves.

demi moore, mohawk

Ashton Kutcher Digs Demi With A Mohawk

Demi Moore decided to go with a Mohawk and Ashton Kutcher loves it. At least that's what they'd like us to believe. Maybe he would love it if the Mohawk TwitPic exercise wasn't a hoax. What else can't we believe about these two?

The Reason Behind Janet and Jermaine's Split

The Reason Behind Janet and Jermaine's Split

While we don't look at any of the Jackson family and think, "I want to model my relationships after them," we also have always more or less presumed that Janet was one of the more normal of the bunch and that, as such, her romantic life was probably sort of normal as well. As it turns out, we weren't entirely wrong. While Janet's relationship of seven years with Jermaine Dupri is ending publicly, it isn't ending for especially unusual reasons.

walter cronkite

Walter Cronkite Joins Wife Betsy In Death

Friday evening, the legendary CBS Evening News anchor and quite possibly the most famous TV news journalist in American history, passed away. "My father Walter Cronkite died," the New York Times quoted his son Chip as saying, reminding the world that Cronkite wasn't just "the most trusted man in America" (as he was often called) but also the head of a family.