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dj am

DJ AM's Final Days: Broken-hearted Over A Split

Adam Goldstein — better known as DJ AM — was found dead last night (Friday, August 28) in his New York City apartment. Police, prompted to enter his apartment after a friend called 911, found him face down, shirtless, and surrounded by prescription drugs and a crack pipe. He was 36 and, according to a friend, heartbroken over a recent breakup.

George Clooney Lake Como

George Clooney's 9 Love Lives

George Clooney has asked his Italian flame, Elisabetta Canalis, to move into his luxurious Lake Como home, so we're taking a look at some of George's greatest hits on the relationship front.

minka kelly

Derek Jeter And Minka Kelly Engaged?

Derek Jeter is pretty much universally loved. As the most popular player on the most popular team (the New York Yankees), the ballplayer has really enjoyed his celebrity. He may have seen the last of his bachelor days. Rumor has it that Mr. November is secretly engaged to Minka Kelly of Friday Night Lights. Based on innuendo we've heard, it's doubtful that they'll be doing much double dating with his Yankee teammate Alex Rodriguez and his squeeze Kate Hudson. Who knows?

Who Stole Lindsay Lohan's Sex Tape?

Who Stole Lindsay Lohan's Sex Tape?

Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun-Times know the "real reason" why Lindsay Lohan is so upset about the theft of a safe from her L.A. house: "the contents included some very incriminating videos and photos, plus legal documents, that LiLo believes could cause embarrassment if made public." Throw in the fact that the robbery seems to have been an "inside job," and you can understand why LiLo has been feeling so "violated."