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Brad: Angie Is Irresponsible & Obsessed With Death

The media has two more stories circulating that detail several specifics on Brad's ever growing list of Things Angelina Is Doing Wrong. To begin with, he's sick of her fascination with death. According to the Daily Mail, an "inside source" has revealed that "[Angelina] been trying to persuade Brad to make a decision on where they should be buried but he thinks the whole thing is morbid." Brad also thinks Angelina is "irresponsible," citing her recent decision to take son Maddox on a tour of an Iraqi refugee camp on July 23.

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Mark Wahlberg And Ali Larter Get Married

OMG. Mark Wahlberg got married and so did Ali Larter... just not to each other. The actor and Entourage producer/ inspiration married long-time girlfriend and mother of his three children Rhea Durham over the weekend. And Ali Larter (NBC's Heroes) married Hayes MacArthur whom she met on the set of Stoned Age. Larter, Wahlberg and MacArthur have all appeared in Episodes of Entourage.

Kirsten Dunst Chasing Robert Pattinson

Kirsten Dunst Chasing Robert Pattinson

Kirsten Dunst is throwing her hat into the ring of young Hollywood starlets scratching each other's eyes out for a piece of the hot Robert Pattinson action. Sneaky sources tell Star that the snaggle-toothed Spider-Man actress is smitten with pretty, beleaguered Rob and wants him for her very own.

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Jon's Other Kate Tells Her Side Of The Story

Nonetheless, people who should know better continue to use it, whether defending their semi-clothed actions with the barely legal pool boy or explaining why they decided to start carrying on with a married D-list reality TV star who has a girlfriend. We refer, of course, to Kate Major.

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6 Celeb Rebounds We'll Pass On

The Jude Law pregnancy zinger topped off one heck of a week in Celebrity Love drama. The highlights are here, and the letdowns are low. Even if these stars came knocking with an extra ticket to St. Tropez or spots for us on their reality shows, we'd probably be busy washing our hair. Jude Law Honestly Jude? Thanks to him there's a 24-year-old aspiring model named Samantha Burke from Pensacola who's registered at Babies "R" Us all by herself. The worst part is not even what we heard about him refusing to use protection: it's the fact that this week, he broke the news to his three kids in what was reportedly an emotional reunion.

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Jon & Kate Plus 8 And New Mates?

Yes awe-struck readers, according to TLC president Eileen O'Neill, when Jon & Kate Plus 8 returns this Monday, we're going to see a whole new side to the family. The show will now chronicle the lives of each parent, trying to raise the children without the other one present. Such fun outing will include Kate trying to erect a tent (no pun indented) in the back yard and Jon trying to cook a pizza for the kids. How many pizzas would you need to feed eight kids anyhow? However, beyond the child rearing storyline, the duo will also be trying to find new companionship and the show will (expectedly) go into that as well. And if anyone really cares, the "iconic" (O'Neill's word not ours) couch will be replaced by two chairs from which the couple will be interviewed. We assume it's because having a couch from Maryland to New York might be a bit of a stretch.