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Chris Noth engaged

Chris Noth Engaged?

Chris Noth and his girlfriend of five years, Tara Lynn Wilson, have a twenty-month-old son and a relationship that's defied the Hollywood three-year itch. But despite recent reports that Tara Lynn is sporting a skating rink on the fourth finger of her left hand, Chris is denying that the pair plans to wed.

Jennifer Aniston Keeps Us Guessing With Gerard

Jennifer Aniston Keeps Us Guessing With Gerard

There’s been plenty of speculation when it comes to whether Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler were ever more than just friends and co-stars. Earlier this summer, Butler denied any kind of romance with Aniston but heaped praise on her, saying it was a pleasure to work with her and calling her a “classy lady.” Aniston, on the other hand, called him "magical" and "fantastic." What gives? Visit YourTango's Celebrity Love for the story.

Britney Spears

Britney Auditions Model Boyfriends

Britney Spears was reportedly dating her agent, Jason Trawick, even talking about marriage, but now it appears that she is exploring her options. Britney held fake music video auditions to entice a model, Bekim Trenova, to be her new boyfriend.