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Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin Whines More About Kate

Jon Gosselin, after abandoning his family for a series of douchey parties on yachts and in Vegas, is now saying his estranged wife, Kate, is keeping him from seeing twins Mady and Cara on their birthday.

Kirstie Alley Jamie Foxx

Kirstie Alley Tweets About Jamie Foxx Hookup

In odd couple news, Bossip recently reported that Fat Actress star and former Jenny Craig spokeswoman, Kirstie Alley, and actor/musician Jamie Foxx might be an item. According to several of Kirstie's tweets, the two have been going at it hot and heavy.

Mariah Carey Nick Cannon baby

Is Mariah Carey Pregnant?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have made no secret of their intentions to start a family since marrying last year, and now, a source tells Bossip, they're hoping to announce a pregnancy any day.

Russell Brand Katy Perry

Russell Brand In Love With Katy Perry?

British comedian Russell Brand says he's in love with his latest fling, pop singer Katy Perry, whom he met last year while filming his upcoming movie Get Him to the Greek. "I think I'm in love," Russell told reporters Monday.

letterman apology

Letterman Blackmailed For Revenge? Diary Tells All

Stephanie Birkitt, the woman at the center of the Letterman drama, wrote in her diary that she continued having a relationship with Dave, even after she moved in with Joe Halderman, the man who eventually tried to blackmail the comedian. Perhaps his extortion scheme was motivated in part by his anger at Birkitt and Letterman. More at YourTango's Celeb Love.

dave letterman

2 More Letterman Flings Alleged

Yikes. This Letterman thing is not going away. According to various news sources, more than one other woman has come forward with her own tale of inter-office shenanigans. One of the office romances was supposedly with an intern and the other a regular staffer. Who knows what's true and what's extortion.

Kate Gosselin divorce

Kate Gosselin Talks About Her Thieving Husband

Kate Gosselin went on The Today Show this morning to discuss the weekend's latest Jon-is-a-jerk news, that he emptied out a joint money market account the couple used for household expenses, leaving her with only $1,000.