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january jones

Ex Ashton Told January Jones To Quit Acting

January Jones is a Golden Globe nominated actress, best known for playing the elusive, complex Betty Draper in AMC's Mad Men. But her talent wasn’t obvious to one pop culture king: Ashton Kutcher, who told her to quit acting.

Bill Hader; Seal & Heidi Klum

Baby Boom For Bill Hader, Heidi Klum

Two celeb couples were blessed with bouncing baby girls last week. First to be visited by the stork were funnyman Bill Hader and writer wife Maggie Carey, who welcomed their first daughter, Hannah Kathryn. Back in August, the expectant dad told OK! that he was looking forward to the fun parts of fatherhood: "Getting to take 'em to movies and stuff, and teach 'em voices and make 'em just like me. I want a little version of me running around." Then on Friday, Victoria's Secret legend and "Project Runway" host Heidi Klum gave birth to her fourth child, daughter Lou Sulola Samuel. Gushing dad Seal proclaimed, "She is beautiful beyond words and we are happy that she chose us to watch her grow over the coming years."

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Is Sad And Lonely

Pity poor Robert Pattinson. He's stalked by screaming teenage girls wherever he goes, suffers an incurable allergy to shampoo, and despite his popularity with the Trapper-Keeper set and their emotionally immature mothers, can't get a date.

Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin Did Steal, Must Return $180K To Kate

According to TMZ, a judge ordered Jon Gosselin to pay Kateback $180,000. "The remaining sum of $55,000, which Ms. Gosselin used for household bills and expenses relating to the children, will be subject to further determination by the arbitrator at a later date," said John's lawyer.

Adam Lambert And Drake LaBry Fighting?

Adam Lambert And Drake LaBry Fighting?

Less than a month after they were spotted playfully canoodling at a Pink concert, rumors have surfaced that Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry have hit a rough patch. RadarOnline snoops were scoping out the beautiful people at Hollywood hotspot Teddy's on Friday, when their gaze fell on the glamtastic American Idol runner-up and his boyfriend Drake.Reportedly, the evening started well as the cozy couple fueled up on vodka Red Bulls and happily danced the night away. However, things apparently went downhill when Adam had "no boundaries" with a mystery man.


TomKat Spars Over Scientology, Fashion & Fat

After Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise in 2006, the world watched with baited breath for signs of a brainwashed bride. Relax, folks, the girl has a backbone. Going against her husband's expressed Scientological wishes, Katie enrolled their three-year-old daughter Suri last week in a Catholic pre-school.

jimmy kimmel and kelly ripa

Now Jimmy Kimmel Is In An Office Romance?

It looks like ABC's late night host may be emulating legend and major influence David Letterman. Reportedly the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jimmy Kimmel, is dating the co-head writer of the late-evening talk show. Molly McNearney is the lady's name and rumor has it that the two keep it strictly "show business" on the set and save the "show friends" and "show lovers" for after, and likely before, hours. A pretty good office romance policy.

celebrity love triangles

5 Unforgettable Hollywood Love Triangles

The love triangle: it's often used as a plot device in our favorite movies and TV shows because of the irresistible drama created by a character torn between two lovers. However, with the recent David Letterman sex scandal and rumors swirling about Justin Timberlake's alleged double duty with Jessica Biel and Rihanna, we're reminded that, in Hollywood, these sticky situations happen just as often off-screen as on. And in real life, love triangles aren't quite so much fun. The fallout can be devastating for everyone involved—both emotionally and career-wise.