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Madonna Pays Off Jesus

Madonna Pays Off Jesus

We think that everyone can admit that Madonna is hot despite her 51 years, but is she intimidated by dating 22-year-old Brazilian boyfriend, Jesus? According to InTouch magazine, the epic pop star is giving her boytoy a $10,000 monthly allowance, and the Globe says she is shelling out another grand a week for English lessons.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

Lindsay Lohan's Lovelorn Twitter Tantrum

The neverending saga of LiLo and SamRo may be over for good, with the Ronson family putting the final nail in the dysfunctional relationship's coffin. However, if we've learned anything from horror stories, it's to never assume that the monster is really dead. Depite the couple's complicated history and Lindsay's own reportedly erratic behavior, the Mean Girls star recently accused the Ronsons of being the mean ones, claiming that they have forbidden Sam from contacting her. On Tuesday, Lindsay tweeted, "@samantharonson deson’t [sic] respond 2me b/c her fmaily [sic] will cut her off if she contacts me…They control the one I love&im incapable of making...Any sort of difference. I’m in love with her, as she is in love with me…but her loved ones-hate her brilliance&resent her happiness." [sic?]