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10 Sexy Movies To Beat The Summer Heat

It's officially not fit for man nor beast outside, and with a hurricane bearing down on the East Coast, there's no better time to hole up in a dark, air-conditioned room, perhaps with someone you love and/or would not mind seeing naked, and pop in some sexy summer movies.

robert pattinson

Robert Pattinson Would Prefer To Date Models?

Robert Pattinson's actions, motives and even whereabouts are a total cipher. Robert Pattinson news if it's totally confusing, misleading and mesmerizing and keeps the world coming back for more. That being said, the latest wrinkle in "R Pattz's" love life is this: the mysterious hunk of charm is really digging models these days. Is his superstar diva moment upon us?

Kim And Reggie Back Together

Kim And Reggie Back Together

Kim Kardashian, concerned that her sister Kourtney's pregnancy had momentarily deflected the entire world's attention from herself, traveled to New Orleans last weekend and made an effort to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend, Saints running back Reggie Bush.

John Edwards

John Edwards Moves Ex-Lover, Child Closer To Home

John Edwards is moving the mother of his love-child into his upscale, waterfront North Carolina neighborhood and will help raise their baby, says the National Enquirer in yet another exclusive report on the disgraced former Presidential candidate. Although lacking proof, sources close to other-woman Rielle Hunter say they believe Edwards is paying for her move.