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Sex in the City 2

16 Celebs Who Refuse To Put A Ring On It

Marriage is that thing that you're supposed to do when you've been dating someone for a while and the girl breaks the guys will and he agrees to throw a big party that they claim is about the both of them but is really all about the girl. (It's also the first time that the birds and the bees are supposed to be invited, but they've probably been around for a while.) It's that thing that you do when you want to force your friends to spend more money in one weekend than they're comfortable spending, especially when it's on you.

Sarah Hyland Matt Prokop Instagram
Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop in happier times.

13 Stars Who Survived Domestic Violence & Learned To Love Again

The world was shocked when it was revealed that Modern Family starlet Sarah Hyland suffered domestic violence from her longtime boyfriend, Matt Prokop. The couple seemed inseparable, and there was no indication of any acrimony when they split after five years together.

Lena Dunham Ask Lena video still
Lena Dunham has wise words for you.

LOL Reactions to 12 Nuggets Of Lena Dunham's Best Life Advice

Lena Dunham, poster child for questionable (designed as quirky) fashion choices, nepotism and white feminism, penned a tome called Not That Kind Of Girl, in which she waxes poetic about love, life, friendship, sex and everything in between. To promote the book, the GIRLS starlet took to YouTube to answer reader questions. Her responses were generally thoughtful, sweet and witty, but it's Lena Dunham, so there are still a few issues here and there. Still, I wasn't a fan before, but I was able to get behind her on most of these.

10 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Bisexual
Fergs? Go for it girl!

10 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Bisexual

Sure, Fergie's all ready to pop any minute now but before playing wifey to Josh Duhamel, this mama-to-be was loving on some ladies. Surprised? Yeah, we were too, so we decided to dig a little deeper. Check out the other 9 celebrities we uncovered play for both teams.

Taylor Swift IMDB
Taylor Swift: Mean girl in disguise?

No Love Lost: 13 Of The Most Scandalous Celebrity Feuds Ever

Celeb feuds have become a badge of honor. Most celebs have engaged in at least one major feud in their career. Some celebs, like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, have been embroiled in multiple verbal battles and wars of words that often play out in seriously ugly fashion in media and in gossip columns. The fights are more about one ups via Twitter; there's no hairpulling and very rarely do they come to blows. Sometimes the feuders hug it out; sometimes the feuds drag on for years.

katy perry surrounded by paparazzi
Having everyone in your business can seriously take a toll.

What Katy Perry Learned About Love After Going To Therapy

In a recent interview with Harper Bazaar, Katy Perry revealed that she went to therapy in order to get over her split from John Mayer and Russell Brand. She learned a lot about love and herself along the way.

Sasha Grey from The Girlfriend Experience
Sasha Grey was a porn star before "The Girlfriend Experience."

10 Celebrities Who Got Their Big Breaks In Porn

Here's a bit of advice: If you want to be an actor, actress, singer, accountant, dog walker, whatever — take whatever work you can find unless it's porn. Look, if you want to do porn, that's fine. Go do some porn, have fun. If that's the life you want to live, or if you need the money, whatever, it's your life. There's no judgment here. Maybe you enjoy acting in porn movies or just really love having sex. That's cool, do porn if doing porn is what you want to do.