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Obama-'Hating' Jolie's Politics Clash With Brad's

Do you feel like Angelina Jolie has been getting a lot of flak lately? Even though it was recently revealed that the actress donated a good chunk of money to charity with her husband Brad Pitt, she's at the center of some interesting political rumors this time around.


Shakira Sings For The Single Ladies

Even though Shakira has been in a committed relationship for nearly 10 years, she wants all the single (and looking) gals out there to know that she has their backs. In an interview with The Associated Press, the 32-year-old songstress sympathizes with the throngs of chicas out there who haven't been as lucky as she has when it comes to finding Mr. Right. In fact, she wrote most of She Wolf's songs to reflect the struggles that single women face looking for love in a time when it seems that "all the good ones are taken."

Jolie/Depp: Hadron Colider of Sexiness

Rumored Jolie/Depp Sex Scenes Sure To Sizzle

Should Vanessa Paradis be worried? Will Brad Pitt get his karmic come-uppance? And is Jen Aniston waiting on the sidelines with an "I told you so" years in the making? Johnny Depp, aka Sexiest Man Alive, and Angelina Jolie, sultry succubus-at-large, will be getting naked in front of the cameras in the yet-to-be-filmed The Tourist. The screenplay, leaked to PopEater and Life & Style, doesn't waste time with foreplay, emotional or otherwise:

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert's AMA Act: Sexy or Skanky?

ABC's phone operators must have gotten some serious overtime pay on Sunday and Monday, as 1,500 angry American Music Awards viewers called in to complain about Adam Lambert's controversial closing number. The bisexually-charged performance, which included simulated oral sex with both male and female dancers and a big, wet guy-on-guy kiss, has divided fans (and casual observers) down the middle, with some praising Adam for his bravery and willingness to "push the envelope" while others are dismissing the routine as nothing more than a lewd display put on for shock value.

Sienna Miller Jude Law together again

Are Jude And Sienna Hooking Up Again?

Exes Jude Law and Sienna Miller have been spending time together lately, and sources say the former couple was looking like a lot more than friends last Thursday in a late-night outing.

john mayer

John Mayer: Should Have Had Sex With More Ladies

You ever get the feeling that John Mayer knows exactly what he's doing? As part of an interview for his new album (Battle Studies) with the New York Times, the soft-rocker stated, "I should have had sex with more girls." While it feels like the singer-songwriter-verbal diarrhea-sufferer was channeling Alan Arkin's curmudgeonly, heroin-sniffing grandpa in Little Miss Sunshine, he may just be brutally honest and mildly disppointed.

A Royal Wedding?

Mayan Calendar Predicts A Royal Wedding In 2012

2012: End of the world, or the British Monarchy's next big come back? Rumors are circulating around Britain that Prince William will be marrying Kate Middleton in 2012. And while there hasn't been a Royal press release, per se, there have been a number of hints that have got the glossies going bonkers over the possibilities.