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Eliot Spitzer on love

Eliot Spitzer Talks About The Exultation Of Love

Almost as outrageous as the New York Post getting infamous call girl Ashley Dupré to pen an advice column about relationships is the move by BigThink.com to ask Eliot Spitzer to ruminate about love. Yet, after watching him in this video, we do find that he has something important to say. At times it is ironic (the "unique," "palpable" "exultation" of a new love/lust interest), while at others we find a Spitzer grappling with the sublime: "I have no illusion that I can ever get this piece of my life to fade significantly into the background." Below, the video and transcript.

chelsea handler

Is Chelsea Handler Available?

Chelsea Handler and her boyfriend, Comcast bossman Ted Harbert, are on the outs. As you likely know, Chelsea Handler's TV program, Chelsea Lately, airs on E! which is part of the Comcast media empire (also home of G4 and the Style Network). Some amount of hay was made in the comedy world regarding their relationship but, for the most part, people agree that she got the show on her merits (and that theory is held up by the ratings). She also had a show on E!, the Chelsea Handler Show, before meeting Ted Harbert.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian

More Kourtney Kardashian Baby Daddy Drama

At the end of 2009, we reported that Kourtney Kardashian allegedly had a one-night stand with a model and aspiring rapper about nine months before her son, Mason, was born—casting some doubt on the child's paternity. Now, in an exclusive interview with Star Magazine, Premo (who's now adding acting and screenwriting to his long list of aspirations) not only confirms that he had sex with Kourtney, but is also demanding a paternity test.

Noah Wyle Cheated On Wife AND Mistress

Noah Wyle Cheated On Wife AND Mistress

Noah Wyle's split from his wife of 11 years was due in part to a year-long affair Noah had been carrying on with an actress, the National Enquirer reports, and also to another affair he had with a second actress starting last year.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Brangelina Breakup Myths Debunked

Ever since the Brangelina breakup rumors started, there has been a lot of speculation about the reasons why. And now that the news of the split has been flatly denied by those in Brad and Angie's camp, the tabloids have been filled with conflicting reports, leaving us to speculate about what to believe. And while it may be easier (and juicier) to believe that the couple has indeed taken up residence in Splitsville, many of the theories surrounding the breakup are falling apart.

Taylor Swift and John Mayer

John Mayer Hijacks Taylor Swift's Heart

The other month, Taylor Lautner made us collectively "aaawww..." with his sweetly funny opening sketch on Saturday Night Live, in which he made out with a mannequin that had his girlfriend's face taped to the front. Not long after, Taylor Swift cut him loose, making us all long for the innocent, heady days of Taylor2. Now, the rumors abound that Swift left Lautner for—of all people—John Mayer, noted ladies' man and repeated breaker of Jennifer Aniston's heart. Could it be true? Could this young naif have become ensnared in Mayer's evil clutches?

Celebrity Overshare? Gisele Gave Birth In Bathtub

Celebrity Overshare? Gisele Gave Birth In Bathtub

"I gave birth in the bathtub," the 29-year-old Supermodel said, correcting false reports that baby Benjamin came into the world at a Boston-area hospital. In fact, it was in a most-likely marbled Jacuzzi at husband Tom Brady's Boston penthouse. Somewhere Bridget Moynahan is rolling her eyes.

Simon Monjack Suing Hollywood For Brittany Murphy

Simon Monjack Suing Hollywood For Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack, has scored a lengthy interview with The Daily Beast's Gerald Posner. In it, interesting/insane/sketchy revelations abound. First and foremost: his declaration to sue Warner Brothers for wrongful death. Second, did you know he has an insanely high IQ? Higher than Albert Einstein? Question: Is he overcome with grief, insane, or just plain sketchy?

Tila Tequila, Joe Francis

Did Joe Francis Impregnate Tila Tequila?

After learning the news that Tila Tequila is pregnant (maybe), many questions may have crossed your minds. Chief among them—What could be worse than having Tila Tequila for a mother? Well, how about also having human oil slick, Joe Francis, for a father? It seems plausible. Rumor has it that Tila's engagement to now-deceased Casey Johnson was all a PR stunt concocted by Joe to promote his latest project: Tila's new website.

Tiger Woods Elin

Elin To Stay In Sexless Marriage With Tiger Woods

It's being reported that Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren have made an agreement to stay married, but not to sleep in the same bed. "Elin wants a solid family life," a source has told People magazine. "She wants to keep her family together even if she and Tiger live together as friends instead of lovers."