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Kate Hudson Is So Over Alex Rodriguez

Kate Hudson Is So Over Alex Rodriguez

While A-Rod was living it up in Miami and telling random girls that he was "definitely single," ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson showed up on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote her new movie, Nine. Kate seemed her old bubbly self, but in stark contrast to last week's giggly gushing to David Letterman over A-Rod, she talked to Jimmy about nearly everything but the baseballer. Kate even had a ball playing beer pong with her host. She certainly didn't look like a woman nursing a broken heart! And she didn't seem to have any ill will towards her ex-lover. No snarky comments about his centaur obsession or how he dumped her after she helped him win the World Series.

Split: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal

Split: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal

Woody Allen once said that a relationship is like a shark. It either has to keep moving forward or else it dies. Turns out the real present underneath the figurative Gyllenspoon tree was a dead shark, and not an engagement ring as widely reported here and on other blogs.

Michael Lohan Arrested Over A Phone Call

Michael Lohan Arrested Over A Phone Call

Le sigh. Talk about love gone wrong. Once upon a time, Michael Lohan and Erin Muller were sweethearts. But when Muller tried to break things off this past March, Lohan allegedly threatened to kill both her and himself. (Someone doesn't know how to handle rejection.) Because of this incident, Muller filed a retraining order, which forbade Lohan from "trying to communicate by phone."

Ashley Dupre

Ashley Dupre Pens Advice Column

The fine folks at the New York Post have either lost their minds or the dying newspaper business has forced them to get publicity any way they can. They've given Eliot Spitzer's former call-girl, Ashley Dupre, a sex and love advice column. What? Since when does helping many husbands cheat on their wives make someone an expert on how to keep love alive? The last advice Ashley dished out was probably to impressionable young girls who read People magazine, when she matter-of-factly explained last month that prostituting herself was no different than "...going on a date with someone you barely know and hooking up with them. The only difference is I can pay my rent."

Melissa Rycroft married

Melissa Rycroft Locks Down Her Man

Melissa Rycroft, the Bachelor contestant whom Jason Mesnick proposed to and then dumped in favor of the runner-up, Molly Malaney, on national television back in March, got the last laugh on Jason by walking down the aisle over the weekend.

eddie cibrian and leann rimes

Eddie Cibrian's Ex Slashed His Tires For Revenge

In case you're not aware, there has been an awful lot of cheatin' and mistreatin' going on in the celebrity world lately. And celebrity automobiles are suffering the consequences. This time around, Eddie Cibrian's wife, Brandi Glanville, slashed the tires of his Harley Davidsons. The woman scorned channeled Carrie Underwood and got revenge on the unfaithful actor by teaching his vehicles a lesson. No word on if LeAnn Rimes favorite bicycle built-for-two was similarly vandalized.

Are 11 Mistresses Too Much?

Are 11 Mistresses Too Much?

Marriages tainted by a single infidelity are arguably worth saving. But Tiger Woods has an entire gaggle of mistresses. (Where does he find the time?) Has Elin Nordegren finally had enough?


Did A-Rod Break Up With Kate Hudson?

It's true, A-Rod has been conspicuously absent as girlfriend Kate Hudson has been seen about promoting her new movie Nine. We just thought it was because the notorious narcissist didn't like sharing the spotlight. That is until our friends over at HollywoodLife.com broke the exclusive story: Kate & Alex Split!

Carey Hart's Tattoo

Carey Hart's Tattoo Of A Very Dead Pink

Conventional wisdom suggests that tattooing your current love interest's face or name onto your own body is not a good idea. Not a good idea x 10 when that tattooing is done to prove devotion to your on-again off-again lover, a la Carey Hart's Day-of-the-Dead inspired leg tattoo of Pink.