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Carrie Prejean sex tape

The Carrie Prejean Sex Tape: All The Dirt

Former Miss California Carrie Prejean is doing damage control this week after news of a sex tape scuttled her lawsuit against her former pageant bosses. TMZ.com reported that a source was asking $10,000 for a video of Prejean masturbating, but the seamy website turned the video down.

Jesus Luz and Madonna

Jesus Taking Madonna Home To Meet His Parents

Although Madonna recently told David Letterman that she'd rather "get run over by a train" than go for huband #3, reports that the Queen of Pop will soon be meeting her boyfriend's parents have fueled speculation that she might be ready to settle down again. According to The Sun, sources close to Madge say that she's "slightly on edge" about meeting Jesus Luz's mom and dad, especially since his mother, Cristiane Regina da Silva, is 15 years her junior! Of course, she could also be a bit nervous as to what her could-be in-laws will have to say about their son abandoning his Christian upbringing to convert to Kabbalah.

Martina Navratilova Sued By Ex-Wife

Martina Navratilova Sued By Ex-Wife

Retired tennis ace Martina Navratilova is facing legal action from her former 'wife' after allegedly reneging on a financial agreement. Navratilova exchanged vows with Toni Layton in New Hampshire in 2000, but the union was not official because gay marriage will not be made legal in the state until January 1st, 2010. The pair, which started dating in the early 1990s, split its time between houses in Colorado and Florida, but Layton alleges she was left broke and homeless when Navratilova abruptly ended the relationship and booted her out of the home they shared. 

sarah michelle gellar and freddie prinze

Sarah Michelle Gellar Explains Away Her Baby Delay

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. have been together for ten years but only had a baby this year. Evidently, it was by design. Per an interview with People the former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star couldn't be happier with the way things have panned out as they gave birth to a Charlotte Grace Prinze in September of this year. She did not care for the family pressure she was getting to have kids and really likes the way things worked out.

Chris Brown Wants It All To Go Away

Chris Brown Wishes Rihanna Would Stop Talking

Well, of course he does. D'uh. Even though he had told MTV that "there is nothing that could come out that's like, 'OK, this is something totally different than what we know," in regards to Rihanna's interview, now, after the fact, he has issued a statement asking for privacy:

Beyonce & Jay-Z Want A Baby

Beyonce & Jay-Z: It's Baby Time

It is time. Not only is Beyoncé at the height of her career, but at twenty-eight years of age, so is she at the height of her baby-making abilities. With her husband Jay-Z pushing forty, it's no wonder that he let it slip that he and his wife are trying to have a baby.

Chris Brown, Balthazar Getty

6 Men We'd Enroll In Tool Academy

Sunday night marked the second-season premiere of VH1's Tool Academy, where the world's most patient girlfriends send their lousy lovers to straighten out their acts. Since the trend these days is to make a "celebrity" version of nearly every reality show, we'd like to suggest some famous fellas who should be admitted to the inevitable Celebrity Tool Academy. Chris Brown, Jude Law, Balthazar Getty, Eddie Cibrian, Jon Gosselin, Spencer Pratt...