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Jon Gosselin Playgirl

Playgirl Asks Jon Gosselin To Pose Just For Laughs

Poor Jon Gosselin of the tiny penis and shrinking celebrity credentials. Is it time to start feeling sorry for you? Perhaps it is, because the latest news is that Playgirl is offering the portly reality television star and father of eight $20,000 for a "novelty" spread in their magazine. Gasp! Can you even imagine?

Gerard Butler Oscar Date

Why Gerard Butler Won't Take Jen Aniston To Oscars

Gerard Butler may have Jennifer Aniston's back, but he won't have her hand this Sunday on the red carpet. Sorry Jen, this stubborn bachelor is going solo to the Oscars lest anyone think there is anything — shudder — serious going on between the two of them.

Roger and Chaz Ebert

Roger & Chaz Ebert's Inspiring Marriage

A perfect example of the kind of wife Chaz Ebert is can be found in the Esquire article, "Roger Ebert: The Essential Man." During a walk through the park one day, Roger worries that he won't be able to make it up a gravel incline: "Chaz lets go of his hand. 'You can do it,' she says, and she claps when Ebert makes it to the top on his own." That's Chaz—solid, steadfast and loyal...

Mo'Nique's Open Relationship

Is Mo'Nique's Open Relationship Sexist?

It's not set to air until Sunday, but Mo'Nique's comments to Barbara Walters about the peculiarities of her marriage to Sidney Hicks are so juicy that they've been chosen as the promotional temptation for the Grand Dame's Oscar Special. According to the Best Supporting Actress contendress, infidelity is not a dealbreaker in her marriage.

Jeremy Renner

Who Will Be Jeremy Renner's Oscar Date?

Move over, Brad Pitt. Make some room, Johnny Depp. Thanks to Jeremy Renner's star turn in The Hurt Locker, the single actor has become the Hollywood hunk du jour. Everyone wants to know who he's dating, if he's dating, and—most importantly—who he's taking to the Oscars this Sunday. But despite rumored romances with Charlize Theron and Jessica simpson, Jeremy will be taking his mom to the big event.

Billy Baldwin and Chynna Phillips

Chynna Phillips Teases Billy Baldwin With Divorce

Fresh out of rehab for anxiety (we hear public revelations of family incest will cause such), Chynna Phillips filed for divorce from her husband of 18 years, Billy Baldwin, while he was filming Gossip Girl in New York. 48 hours later, she had a change of heart.

Rihanna gets a midget stripper for her birthday

Rihanna's Boyfriend Throws Her An Awesome Birthday

When Matt Kemp first came on the scene, we weren't sure what to make of him. Is Rihanna repeating past mistakes? we asked. There were those rumors of an abusive past, after all. As time went by, however, we were more and more willing to see that rumor for what it really was — a rumor — and let the baseball star into our good graces. And with the latest reports, we can now say he's definitely earned the good boyfriend gold star.

hank basket and kendra wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson Fighting Postpartum

The Super Bowl loss was not fun for Hank Baskett but his family is suffering, per OK! magazine, from a bigger problem: postpartum depression. Since the birth of Hank Baskett Jr., Kendra Wilkinson has been incredibly depressed and wants to talk about it.

Jessica Simpson Dishes On 'Jiggle' And John Mayer

Jessica Simpson Dishes On 'Jiggle' And John Mayer

Oprah's long-awaited interview with Jessica Simpson aired today, and the response towards Jess around the Internet has been overwhelmingly positive. And that's as it should be, considering that the blonde bombshell spoke frankly and openly about some touchy subjects—namely, her weight and big-mouthed ex-boyfriend—while remaining firmly planted on the high road.