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Megan Fox engaged

Megan Fox Engaged To Brian Austin Green, Again

Brian Austin Green, 36, fielded questions from fans on Twitter on Jan. 16, and one Q&A led to a surprise announcement — he and Megan Fox, 23, are engaged again! "So r u married and have a kids?" one fan tweeted, to which Brian replied, "Engaged and have a son from my previous relationship. -BG" [Source: HollywoodLife.com]

Craig Ferguson sexiest late show host

Who's Hotter: Conan Or Jay?

Lost in the scrum of the current late-night war is an indisputable fact: We like to fall asleep watching TV, and when we do, we'd like to be looking at someone we can fantasize about sleeping with. So in the battle of late night, which host is the lady-killing winner?

Dennis Hopper's Divorce

Dennis Hopper's Deathbed Divorce

Straight out of a soap opera, a dying Dennis Hopper — purportedly "mentally incapacitated from the enormous amounts of medication he is on given his state, according to a family friend — has filed for divorce from his wife of fourteen years, Victoria Hopper.

Miley Cyrus, engaged?

Is Miley Cyrus Engaged To Hunky Aussie?

Miley Cyrus might be engaged to her Australian actor boyfriend, the 19-year-old Liam Hemsworth. That's right, teenage love is in the air — and the refracted light from her seriously blinged-out ring finger is near blinding!

Marlon Brando Seduced Jackie Collins

Marlon Brando Seduced 15-Year-Old Jackie Collins

Once upon a time, Hollywood legend had it that Marlon Brando approached a young Jackie Collins at a party and was highly complimentary about her perky 15-year-old body. Turns out Brando's involvement with her 39-inch-chest was more than previously thought with the now elderly Miss Collins, 72, now admitting to "a very brief but fabulous affair" in the summer of 1953, just before her 16th birthday.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape: Fact Or Fiction?

Remember when Lindsay Lohan's home was burglarized over the summer? After LiLo tweeted that "electronics weren't taken…just things that a certain old friend knew meant a lot to me," the rumors began flying that one of those things might have been a sex tape. Nothing ever came of those rumors and the possibility of Lindsay's sex tape was nearly forgotten—until now. The UK's Daily Mirror is reporting that there definitely is a tape and that LiLo's co-star, a "waiter with a well-known chain restaurant" (let's just hope it's not Chuck E. Cheese), is currently shopping it around.

Tila Tequila Wants Custody Of Casey's Daughter

Tila Tequila Wants Custody Of Casey's Daughter

The Tila Tequila/Casey Johnson saga drags on, mostly in the form of Tila's mournful tweets, but the tabloids are also, understandably, egging her on. The latest dish? Tila Tequila claims to want custody of Casey's 3-year-old, adopted daughter, Ava. In an interview with Extra, Tila explains that "wifey" Casey Johnson had intended for her and Tila to share custody of Ava. "Her last wish was to have Ava, have me have Ava," she said. She continued, in a way that makes us question her sanity and actual ability to raise a child, saying, "She's not resting in peace right now. She has come to me in my dreams." (Spooky!)

Teddy Pendergrass & The Transsexual Tenika Watson

Teddy Pendergrass & The Transsexual Tenika Watson

R&B singer and sexual icon Teddy Pendergrass has died of colon cancer at 59. The consummate ladies' man, he was known for belting out such hits as If You Don't Know Me By Now and Love TKO in sold-out panty-throwing 'women only' concerts. With his death, old rumors surrounding the tragic car crash that left him paralyzed from the chest down have been injected with new life. Chief among them that he was not alone in the car that night. Riding along was "casual acquaintance" Tenika Watson, a 31-year-old transsexual model, nightclub singer and rumored prostitute.

Katy Perry Not Pregnant: Tweets About Her Period

Katy Perry Not Pregnant: Tweets About Her Period

Yes, there were clues: The cryptic tweeting, the visit to the doctors, the baby boutique. And so, like the rest of the world, we asked: Is Katy Perry Preggers? Well apparently she is not — at least that's what she wants us to think! Over the past few days, Katy Perry has taken some deliberate steps to show the world that she is not with child.