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Kate Moss Engaged To Jamie Hince, Again

Kate Moss is yet again engaged (to be married, doubtless) to marry The Kills front man Jamie Hince. As you may recall, Jamie Hince and Kate Moss have been in one of those on-again/ oh-yeah they're famous for a few years. They got together on the heels of Kate Moss's 2007 breakup with world-class goober Pete Doherty. Hince met Kate Moss while she was on vacation in Mustique and delivered an engagement ring and an accepted proposal

The Desirability Quotient: AskMen's Top 99 Of 2010

The Desirability Quotient: AskMen's Top 99 Of 2010

Skimming AskMen's Top 99 List of Most Desirable Women, ed. 2010, some interesting things stuck out. * Megan Fox (ha ha) has dropped out of the Top Ten (From #2 to #11). Overexposure is not sexy. * Proficiency in a foreign language will get you bonus points, double points for each additional language. #3, Kate Beckinsale, speaks English, French and Russian fluently! * Angelina Jolie came in at a lousy #42 — behind Hayden Panettiere! * Victoria's Secret Angels will always be men's fantasy: #10, Miranda Kerr; #4, Alessandra Ambrosio; #2, Marisa Miller. * Pregnancy and motherhood actually turn men on! See: #5, Jessica Alba * Proximity to Gisele Bundchen is important. See: #10 and #4

Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock Smooch

Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock Smooch

The Golden Globes aired last night, but everyone's still talking about the same-sex kiss shared by Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards on Friday, January 15. Here's the lowdown.

Bradley Cooper is alone at the Golden Globes

Bradley Cooper's Unsupportive GF Renée Zellweger

At award shows such as the Golden Globes, celebrities often use their time on the red carpet, the minutes of their acceptance speech, the assumed camera pan to their face, to make a statement. Yes, we are a couple à la Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgård. Alright, I'll settle down — as long as it's with this one à la George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis. Eat your heart out Brad, John, and Gerard à la Jennifer Aniston and her inner thigh-grazing dress. Thanks for your support of my super-successful career, hold my purse please? à la Drew Barrymore's kiss of Justin Long. And for some, it's the non-statement that does all the talking. On hand to support The Hangover, which one Best Picture in a Comedy or Musical, was un-supported Bradley Cooper — sad, soaked and noticeably solitary without girlfriend Renee Zellweger at his side.

Megan Fox engaged

Megan Fox Engaged To Brian Austin Green, Again

Brian Austin Green, 36, fielded questions from fans on Twitter on Jan. 16, and one Q&A led to a surprise announcement — he and Megan Fox, 23, are engaged again! "So r u married and have a kids?" one fan tweeted, to which Brian replied, "Engaged and have a son from my previous relationship. -BG" [Source: HollywoodLife.com]

Craig Ferguson sexiest late show host

Who's Hotter: Conan Or Jay?

Lost in the scrum of the current late-night war is an indisputable fact: We like to fall asleep watching TV, and when we do, we'd like to be looking at someone we can fantasize about sleeping with. So in the battle of late night, which host is the lady-killing winner?

Dennis Hopper's Divorce

Dennis Hopper's Deathbed Divorce

Straight out of a soap opera, a dying Dennis Hopper — purportedly "mentally incapacitated from the enormous amounts of medication he is on given his state, according to a family friend — has filed for divorce from his wife of fourteen years, Victoria Hopper.