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Lindsay Lohan is not a lesbian

Lindsay Lohan: Heterosexual High-Class Hooker?

What in the world is going on with Lindsay Lohan? is a question we ask a lot around here. What with her sex tapes, restraining orders, claims of dating the deceased Heath Ledger, among other things. This time, we want to know: Has Lindsay Lohan turned into a heterosexual high-class hooker? Read on for the evidence.

Jennifer Garner Scott Foley

Jennifer Garner On Divorce, Romance & Ben Affleck

This week's Parade Magazine features a chatty Jennifer Garner speaking out for the first time about her divorce from Scott Foley, something that the now mother of two admits sent her into therapy. She also goes on at length recounting Ben Affleck's wooing process (his persuasive letters, charming the socks off her mom), but is it just to dispel rumors that all is not right at home? You be the judge.

Is Rihanna's New Man Abusive?

Is Rihanna's New Man Abusive?

Recently, Celeb Love called Rihanna's new beau, Matt Kemp, an "upgrade" from her abusive ex, Chris Brown. However, Star Magazine has dug up some details on Matt that might make us rethink that one. Less than two years ago, Matt's ex-girlfriend, actress Felisha Terrell, filed a restraining order against the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder, in which she claimed that he was a "violent" stalker who had threatened her.

Martha Stewart Tries Out Pole Dancing

Martha Stewart Tries Out Pole Dancing

Just the other day, domestic diva Martha Stewart took up pole dancing. So why is Stewart's stripper pole experiment news? It has nothing to do with her age, but rather the fact that this is a woman we typically associate with doilies and pretty place settings. When you think about it, though, sex and seduction are such important aspects of having a happy home life, and she should focus on things like this more often. Some other things we'd like to see Stewart endorse and/or try out?

Uma Thurman Billionaire Boyfriend

Uma Thurman: Back In Love With Billionaire Ex?

Last we heard Uma Thurman had called off the wedding, given back the 8-carat diamond ring, and resigned herself to an unlucky in love status. Is she the next Jennifer Aniston? we asked. But then... Spotted: Uma smooching ex-fiancé Arki Busson all over New York City. Are they back together?

Brittany Murphy's Death: Broken Heart Not Drugs

Brittany Murphy's Death: Broken Heart, Not Drugs

Brittany Murphy's husband Simon Monjack wants you to know something about his wife's death: neither drugs nor alcohol nor an eating disorder killed Brittany at 32— it was her broken heart, both literally and metaphorically. Say otherwise, and you'll get sued. And he's looking at you British tabloids, the Los Angeles County Coroner's Department.

Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson

Emilie De Ravin 'Connects' With Robert Pattinson

Brace yourselves, Twihards: rumors of a possible on-set romance between Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin have once again reared their ugly head. Emilie's new interview with MTV, in which she describes her chemistry with the British teen dream, has some fans in a tizzy.

john edwards rielle hunter

John Edwards: I Fathered Rielle Hunter's Baby

John Edwards admitted he was the father of Rielle Hunter's 2-year-old daughter on the Today show this morning. Hunter is the staffer that Edwards had an affair with during the 2008 presidential campaign while his wife Elizabeth battled cancer.