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Sarah Silverman still loves Jimmy Kimmel

Sarah Silverman Still Loves Jimmy Kimmel, No?

Why is Sarah Silverman still talking about Jimmy Kimmel? After all, isn't she oh so happy with new boyfriend, Family Guy funnyman Alec Sulkin? The thing is the more Ms. Silverman opens her mouth about love, the more it seems like she still has it for Jimmy and merely receives it from Alec.

10 Hottest Irish Hunks For St. Patrick's Day

10 Hottest Irish Hunks For St. Patrick's Day

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we thought we'd take a moment to honor some of Ireland's hottest celebs. So, pour yourself a pint of Guinness and raise your glass to these sexy lads: Pierce Brosnan, Colin Farrell, A.J. Buckley, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Larry Mullen Jr., Stuart Townsend, Nicky Byrne, Gabriel Byrne, Damien Rice, Liam Neeson. Who are your favorite Irish hotties?

Report: What's In The John Edwards Sex Tape?

Report: What's In The John Edwards Sex Tape?

The John Edwards sex tape and its duplications have been turned over to court, presumably in safer hands than, say, those of Andrew Young — the money/fame-hungry embittered former aid or truth-speaker to power, your call — or so you would think! Not so, as The Daily Beast can now describe who was doing what to whom where, when and how based on accounts from multiple people who have viewed it. According to one viewer with a "medical background," the size and shape of Rielle Hunter's nipples and belly "place the tape's filming somewhere around September or October of 2007, smack in the middle of Edwards campaign for the presidency."

Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock Jesse James Oscars Curse

Is There Really A Best Actress Oscar Curse?

Llast year's Best Actress Oscar winner Kate Winslet and her husband of seven years, director Sam Mendes, have separated. And now, Sandra Bullock has left Jesse James after reports of infidelity. The news has the Internet buzzing with talk of a Best Actress curse. This supposed curse is not a new idea. Gossip junkies haven't been able to ignore a very distinct pattern that has developed over the last nine years.

jessica simpson ken paves

Jessica Simpson, Gay Friend Will Have Baby At 40

Jessica Simpson has a back-up plan if she fails to settle down and have a baby by the age of 40 — she'll have kids with her gay best friend and hairdresser Ken Paves. Simpson admits her maternal instincts have gone into overdrive since becoming an aunt to nephew Bronx Mowgli — her sister Ashlee Simpson's now 16-month-old son with rocker Pete Wentz.