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Jon and Kate Plus 8 Threaten To Return

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Threaten To Return

Jon and Kate have managed to keep us occupied during the long, dull hours with their 8,000 tabloid stories. Still, with all the trash that's out there, we've been experiencing something akin to compassion fatigue. Though it's definitely closer to agitation fatigue. So the news that Jon & Kate Plus 8 might be returning to the airwaves? Disturbing.

Alexander McQueen

Love, Beauty, Sex Through Alexander McQueen's Eyes

In response to British designer Alexander McQueen's tragic suicide this morning, YourTango.com would like to take a moment to remember "leading light in the fashion firmament" for what he was in life: a brilliant designer with a wicked sense of humor and a refined sensibility to the nuances of life. Below, a selection of quotes on love, sex and beauty through the eyes of Alexander McQueen.

john mayer playboy interview text

John Mayer Overshares In Playboy, Cries

What with all the talk about Jessica Simpson's "sexual napalm," the 400 vaginas he sees everyday and the racial preferences of his penis, it would be easy to write off John Mayer's Playboy interview as just another douchebag explosion. However, amongst the crass overshare are little snippits of authenticity and true feeling that give us pause to ask How well do we know John Mayer, really?

Ewan McGregor and Melanie Laurent

Is Ewan McGregor Cheating On His Wife?

Yesterday, Daily Mail Online ran pictures of happily married Ewan McGregor strolling arm-in-arm down a Paris street with his "Beginners" co-star, Melanie Laurent. Many tabloids and blogs are jumping to the conclusion that they are having an affair, but this particular Celeb Lover would like to present her analysis of the situation: No way. No. Just...NO!

Renée Zellweger & Bradley Cooper

Renée Zellweger & Bradley Cooper's Non-Romance

What is up with Renée Zellweger & Bradley Cooper's non-romance? First she's a no-show for his big day at the Golden Globes. The she remains missing-in-action when it comes time to promote her sweetheart's new movie Valentine's Day. And now it seems like she won't even be present with Bradley on the real day! What is going on? This has to be more than not wanting to be seen next to his awful tan lines!

Jenny Sanford and Barbara Walters

Jenny Sanford's Tell-All Book

Jenny Sanford is talking to everyone in the hopes of selling a bazillion copies of her new book, "Staying True"...One interviewer who didn't just lob softballs at Jenny was GMA's new co-host George Stephanopoulos, who asked her if, after the scandal broke, she "called legislators to save her husband's job." Although she was thrown for a second, Jenny proved that living with a politician all those years rubbed off on her by answering, "Not to my knowledge. I don't recall calling anybody."

Alexsandra Wright Photo Scrubs Beyonce

Who Is Alexsandra Wright? And Was She In 'Scrubs'?

Alexsandra Wright is a 30-something L.A. businesswoman, former actress, new mother and the last straw in the 29-year marriage of Matthew and Tina Knowles. Last week, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Nixon. And this week, she made it clear that she will petition the former Destiny's Child manager for child support — that is after Mr. Knowles takes a DNA test, and after it's proved positive of course. Here she is in 'Scrubs.'