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jessica simpson ken paves

Jessica Simpson, Gay Friend Will Have Baby At 40

Jessica Simpson has a back-up plan if she fails to settle down and have a baby by the age of 40 — she'll have kids with her gay best friend and hairdresser Ken Paves. Simpson admits her maternal instincts have gone into overdrive since becoming an aunt to nephew Bronx Mowgli — her sister Ashlee Simpson's now 16-month-old son with rocker Pete Wentz.

Kate Winslet And Sam Mendes Are Divorcing

Kate Winslet And Sam Mendes Are Divorcing: Oh No!

While looking absolutely beautiful at The Oscars earlier this month, Kate Winslet did look thinner than usual as she walked the red carpet alone. Now we learn that after seven years of marriage, actress Kate Winslet and American Beauty director Sam Mendes are divorcing. So sad!

Rielle Hunter GQ

Rielle Hunter Gives Relationship Advice In GQ

Perhaps most vexing to Elizabeth — besides the fact that Rielle comes across as the likable, charismatic yang to her yin, besides the mother with child come hither posturing — would be the unsolicited love and relationship advice that peppers the 10-page interview. "Being is free," when it comes to love, and Rielle will show you how... how to approach a man, treat him like a man, nurture a trusting relationship and deal with outside dynamics, i.e. his wife. Below, some tidbits of relational truth:

Gabourey Sidibe

6 Female Hollywood Heavyweights We Love

Howard Stern is declaring that Gabourey Sidibe will never work again because of her size. Therefore, we've put together a list of six gorgeous, talented women in Hollywood whose weight didn't stop them from becoming acclaimed, bankable stars.

Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean Paid Mistress With Haiti Charity Funds

Haiti native Wyclef Jean has done a lot of great work on behalf of his ravaged homeland since the January earthquake, including raising over $1 million in charitable donations and helping with relief efforts on site. However, Gawker has reported in the past about Wyclef's "financial shenanigans" within his charitable foundation, Yele Haiti, and the latest news is that the hip hop star has paid out quite a large chunk of the foundation's money to his mistress, Zakiya Khatou-Chevassus.

Billy Corgan John Mayer Jessica Simpson sexual napalm

Billy Corgan Says Jessica Simpson Is Worth Loving

Billy Corgan thinks Jessica Simpson is worth loving. That's why he was so hopping mad about the unnecessarily sexualized comments John Mayer made about his friend that is a girl, the lovely and lovable Ms. Simpson, that he sat down with Rolling Stone magazine to talk about the guitarists career suicide.