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Denise Richards Doesn't Love Abusive Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards Doesn't Love Abusive Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards sat down with Oprah the other day to spill the beans about Charlie Sheen, but did so "in peace," saying that "Charlie and I are in a great place now." Still, she takes his current marital misfortune with battered wife Brooke Mueller to speak out on their own rocky history. Among the things she shared: He is verbally abusive. He pushed her. He has a problem. She loved him and wanted it to work, but doesn't love him now. See the video and transcript below.

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila Is Pregnant. For Realsies!

No, we're not recycling old news. Tila Tequila is once again claiming that there is a little Tequila shot on the way—a claim she's falsely made at least twice before...Tila confirmed (in third person, no less) last night on her blog that she is really, really, truly pregnant this time. No kidding.

Russell Brand Monogamy Katy Perry

Russell Brand Not Sold On Monogamy With Katy Perry

Russell Brand, pull yourself together. Take some relationship Ritalin, commitment Adderall. Marriage is not something that is today's distraction. It's for life. Does Russell have what it takes to see through a till-death-do-we-part with Katy? Close friends take issue, pointing to his lack of focus on a documentary follow-up to his 2007 film On the Road. He was all gung-ho on the project until he started seriously dating Katy in mid-fall, his friends say. Admittedly, we are worried.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake: Still 'Couple-y'

Now that Brangelina's "Everything's Fine" Express is chugging along full steam ahead, Jessica Biel has decided to jump on board to let the world know that her relationship with Justin Timberlake is still on track, too. (Has no one named these two "Jussica" yet? If not, we're trademarking that now.)

The John Edwards Sex Tape

John Edwards: Well-Endowed, Has A Sex Tape

Gawker is reporting that John Edwards has a sex tape... a sex tape dirtier than you would think a $400-dollar-haircut-getting, former Presidential candidate could produce. Sorry, John. You're not going to be able to outrun this one. Even in Haiti. Here's what we know: