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Michael Jackson

Did Michael Jackson Have a Secret Boyfriend?

Poor Michael Jackson. He was hounded everywhere he went when he was alive, and even after his death, the singer can’t rest in peace. The latest tawdry revelation about the late King of Pop is courtesy of Extra, who aired an interview this week with Jason Pfeiffer, a man who claims he was Jackson’s secret boyfriend up until the day he died.

Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz Change Their Stories

Are Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz getting on with life as usual, just days after their domestic drama began? Jenna now insists that she never claimed abuse, saying that her remarks were "misinterpreted." And Tito, whose lawyer painted Jenna as a suicidal drug addict, is now saying that he "jumped to conclusions" over a couple of pain pills. Something fishy is going on here. So who's covering up what and why?

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Wants To Renew Her Vows, But Why?

Ah, spring. A time for growth and renewal, in both nature and, apparently, Mariah Carey's life. The growth of Carey's waistline is an ongoing topic in the media, and plans to renew her two-year-old marriage vows are news this week. Somehow, though, we don't find these things quite as hopeful as May flowers.

Kate Hudson Hates Cameron Diaz Dating ARod

Kate Hudson Hates Cameron Diaz Dating ARod

If last week's question was Are Kate Hudson's bigger boobs real or fake?, this week's question most surely is Did Kate Hudson get bigger boobs because she wants A-Rod back? Perhaps, as Life & Style's "Scene Queens" are reporting that Kate Hudson is having a terrible time getting over her breakup with A-Rod and is totally jealous of Cameron Diaz moving in on him so quick.

Chelsea Handler Sex Tape

A Funny Fake? The Chelsea Handler "Sex Tape"

RadarOnline.com wants you to believe that Chelsea Handler has a sex tape. Sandwiched in between clips of her stand up routine, the comedienne is seen down on all fours, her breasts swinging, taking it from behind from a nice British chap, who then asks, "Did we get the (bleep) shot?" There really isn't anything sexy about it, but then again "sexy" is hardly the case when it comes to any of these things. The video, which was purportedly shot when she was 23-years-old, then switches back to her stand-up routine. An embarrassing oversight, or a purposeful insertion designed to get comedy agents' attention?

Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson Tested Negative For Drugs

Perhaps Jenna Jameson didn't just run off to party in Las Vegas after her alleged assault by Tito Ortiz, like we first thought. Turns out that Jenna went to take a drug test at well-known Nevada lab American Toxicology, Inc. Jenna's urine sample tested negative for oxycodone and 10 other major drugs. Of course, since there are plenty of products and tricks out there designed to help people beat drug tests, there are still those who won't believe the test is legit. Not to mention that a lot of people judge Jenna's credibility based on her porn star past.

sandra bullock baby

Sandra Bullock's Values Show In Adoption, Divorce

It is fitting that Sandra Bullock's new baby comes from the city of New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz and home of the broken and rebuilt dream. Named after Louis Armstrong, the 3 1/2-month-old Louis "Louie" Bardo Bullock looks out at you on the cover of People magazine with a soulful stare and a proud little pout. This is the new man in Sandra Bullock's life and thank God for him. As for Jesse James and everything else, what else could have Sandra done but to open up that window and let that bad air out?

Courtney Love

Courtney Love's 5 Most Disastrous Romances

Courtney Love is having quite the messy, headline-making week. Not only is she embattled in a Twitter war with ex-lover Billy Corgan, she also went on Howard Stern and claimed that she had slept with Gavin Rossdale while he was still dating his now wife Gwen Stefani. Call us crazy, but we think Courtney may be carrying around a wee bit of relationship baggage. Let’s review the former wild child’s romantic history, shall we?