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Charlize Theron Keanu Reeves dating

New Couple Alert: Charlize Theron And Keanu Reeves

Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves have taken their on-screen romances out of the multiplex and into real life, according to The National Enquirer. The actors, who have been friends for years, began dating in the wake of Charlize's breakup from her partner of eight years, Stuart Townsend, in January.

George Lopez and wife Ann Serrano

Did George Lopez Cheat On His Wife With Hookers?

Et tu, George? The National Enquirer is reporting that George Lopez is the latest Hollywood slimeball to cheat on his wife- and not just with some tattooed tramp, but with hookers! What makes the Enquirer’s allegations even more disturbing is that George’s wife, Ann Serrano Lopez, saved his life in 2005, by giving him one of her kidneys after he needed a transplant due to a deteriorating genetic disease.

Amanda Seyfried Looks Angry

Amanda Seyfried & Dominic Cooper Split Over Rumors

Lindsay Lohan strikes again! Amanda Seyfried and her British actor boyfriend Dominic Cooper seemed to be so in love only a few weeks ago when they walked the red carpet together at the New York premiere of her movie, Letters to Juliet, but now they are reportedly "on a break" after Dominic was spotted partying and possibly hooking up with the Firecrotch this week in Cannes, France.

Katharine McPhee, Michael Johns

10 Hottest American Idol Contestants Ever

As this season of American Idol nears its end, we started thinking about the sexiest contestants from seasons past and decided to offer up our picks for the 10 hottest Idols—the top five girls and top five guys. We've decided to only pick from each season's Top 12, so that means that, unfortunately, Casey Carlson and Alex (not Adam) Lambert didn't make the cut!

6 Most Surprising Celebrity Couples

6 Most Surprising Celebrity Couples

No matter how many times we've heard that opposites attract, we're still slightly confused when a pair of stars from seemingly opposite ends of the celebrity universe combine. Here are six eamples of couples that we never would have pictured together.

Robert Pattinson

Ashley Greene Says Girls Confuse Robert Pattinson

Last week the planet exploded when Oprah got Robert Pattinson to admit that he and Kristen Stewart are hittin' it on the regular. But it seems Kristen must be the patient sort, because their Eclipse costar Ashley Greene says in the new issue of Seventeen that Rob is clueless when it comes to the ladies.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Denies Girlfriend, Faces Jail Time

Well, for a hot minute it seemed like Lindsay Lohan was tacking her sails in a promising direction. She had, after all, signed on to play Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace in Matthew Wilder's Inferno; been attending her alcohol education classes "regularly and consistently; and experiencing a romantic rebirth under the tender guidance her new cougar lesbian lover Indrani. Not so fast. Looks like two out of those three positive factors have just crumbled before our very eyes.

Halle Berry and Nahla Aubry

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Fight For Custody

Up until now, Halle Berry has managed to keep her break-up with long-term boyfriend and the father of her child, male model Gabriel Aubry relatively low-key. The couple split months ago and it was only recently, after she was spotted with a mystery man, that the tabloids even found out. However, things are about to get a lot more messy for the movie star.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

Heidi Montag's Dad Is "Afraid For Her Life"

In the new issue of Star Magazine, Heidi Montag’s dad, Bill, admitted he is concerned for his daughter and hasn’t heard from her since March. "I’m worried for her," said Bill Montag. "I’m afraid for her life." Okay. So let us get this straight, Mr. Montag. You were perfectly okay with your daughter moving to Los Angeles, starring on an MTV reality show, having numerous rounds of plastic surgery that rendered her unrecognizable, alienating her fake TV friends in order to hook-up with and marry an obviously controlling guy whose biggest accomplishment is a flesh-colored beard, and, now that the tabloids are reporting that Heidi and Spencer live in a dirty house, NOW you’re concerned?

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

John Travolta & Kelly Preston Having Another Baby

The latest issue of Star announces that John Travolta and Kelly Preston are having a baby—news that the Travoltas have confirmed on their official website with this statement: "It's impossible to keep a secret...especially one as wonderful as this. We are expecting a new addition to our family."