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Two words: Lady. Gaga.

15 Best Moments From The 2015 Academy Awards

The Oscars started in a rough spot. Ryan Seacrest learned what a flogger is, Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson acted like a mom and daughter on the red carpet, and as much as we love everyone involved, an opening song is never as great as it seems like it would be. However, J.K. Simmons won for best supporting actor and from then on out, the show was quite literally perfect. Everyone has the best speeches and ABC finally gave up on trying to limit everyone because they deserve to thank people as long as they damn well please.

Oscars 2015, Academy Awards, Neil Patrick Harris
Because you should be drunk and naked during the Academy Awards.

Your 2015 Oscars (Strip) Drinking Game

The 2015 Oscars are here and hosted by none other than Neil Patrick Harris, which means it's time to get drunk. Get out your beer and shot glasses because we have your 2015 Academy Awards strip drinking game.

Fifty Shades Of Grey 50 Shades Of Grey movie Jamie Dornan Christian Grey Dakota Johnson Ana Steele
Don't deny your '50 Shades' obsession. We know better.

8 Lame Excuses For Seeing '50 Shades Of Grey'

Whenever a movie like 50 Shades Of Grey comes out, there's always a group of people who go to see the movie even though they claim that they didn't want to see it. Every time! These people always exist, and it's infuriating. These people all obviously just wanted to see the movie, but don't want to admit it.

Amy Poehler, Joe Biden and Seth Meyers from The Late Night with Seth Meyers
Joe Biden: Mr. Steal Yo Girl.

10 Reasons Joe Biden Is The Coolest (And Weirdest) Guy Ever

I don't know anything about politics. I mean it. I don't know what a Democrat is. If somebody says they're a Democrat, they might as well make a word up, because all I hear is nonsense. Politics and politcal opinions mean nothing to me. That said, when the images of Vice President Joe Biden possibly massaging that guy's wife during a press conference starting trending, all I could have was an honest reaction. See, people that follow politics have to support their party. Democrats have to think something good about what Joe Biden does.

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in the '50 Shades Of Grey' movie (Fifty Shades Of Grey)
If Jamie Dornan's contract doesn't hold up, maybe hire some of these guys.

10 Celebrities Who May As Well Be Christian Grey IRL

Jamie Dornan garnered a whole lot of criticism for his performance as Christian Grey in the 50 Shades Of Grey movie, which had an impressive $94 million opening weekend despite tepid (if not scathing) reviews and really dreadful source material. To be fair, basing Christian Grey on the books doesn't give Dornan much to work with, and it'd be difficult for anyone to make the clunky, idiotic dialogue EL James forced into the script sound natural or believable.

William Shatner from Star Trek
C'mon, you think William Shatner isn't into spacey stuff?

10 Celebrities Who Seriously Believe Aliens Exist

If you haven't been following the latest Blink 182 news (I don't know why you wouldn't be!), Tom Delonge recently gave an interview where he openly talked about his belief in aliens. While this isn't the first time that he's talked about this sort of stuff, this was probably the most honest he's ever been about his beliefs. It goes way beyond "Yeah, I believe in aliens."

Kim Kardashian from Late Night With Seth Meyers
If Kim Kardashian could move her face, she'd be frowning about this.

10 GIF Reactions To The Kardashians Vs. Amber Rose Twitter War

Probably the best part about Twitter is that it gives famous people a place to say things to other famous people without having to put too much thought into it. This has led to fight after fight on the social network. Every single time, these fights have resulted in the same result, us being entertained.

The one with the plot holes.

20 Things That Make ZERO Sense On 'Friends'

Yes, we're still binge-watching Friends on Netflix and will be doing that until they take it away from us. Of course, we will just go back to watching the DVDs by then, but that's besides the point. We have watched Friends on re-run for a long time and while it really is the best show ever created, there are some major plot holes within the premise that we've noticed over the 10 years together. (Literally, they were around for 10 years and we've been watching re-runs for over 10 years now. Insane.)

beyonce no photoshop, beyonce without photoshop, beyonce unretouched, beyonce l'oreal
Let's be real. Beyoncé still looks better than we ever will. And that's okay.

Must-See! Is Beyoncé REALLY Flawless Without Photoshop?

Beyoncé is flawless (er, ***Flawless). That's pretty much a given. But Beyoncé is also human, so like the rest of us, when exposed to harsh lighting and heavy makeup, she looks slightly less than perfect, which is why people went absolutely batsh*t crazy when unretouched photos of Queen Bey surfaced from a 2013 L'Oréal ad. Here's the original commercial in which Beyoncé slays you with her beauty but assures you you're worth it, too: