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Margaret Cho Wedding
The newly-divorcing Margaret Cho isn't the only celeb with an open relationship.

10 Celebs Who Tried Finding (More) Love With Open Relationships

Open relationships are tricky. Not everyone, be it celebs or regular citizens, has the constitution to deal with the prospect of their significant other that they love having a side piece, even if they think they do and agree to be a part of an open relationship that allows partners to hook up with others. An open relationship pretty much allows for, well, cheating. You can dress it up in any sort of semantics, but it let's call it what it is.

Schmidt, New Girl, Max Greenfield
Merry Schmidt-akkuh!

11 'New Girl' Schmidt Quotes You'll Absolutely Love

It's Hanukkah, the week of Christmas and a time to watch re-runs while all the shows you love are on hiatus for the holidays. Even though New Girl isn't showing new episodes right now, all of the older seasons are currently on Netflix, which means it's the perfect time to go back and re-watch all of Schmidt’s greatest moments — and there are a lot of them over the past four years.

Idris Elba, future James Bond, starring in "No Good Deed"
Seriously, how do you NOT love Idris Elba? How?

10 Reasons Why We Love Idris Elba As The New James Bond

When Sony was hacked and their private email conversations were released to the public, a lot of insider movie news was revealed to the public. One of the more interesting reveals was that Idris Elba may be the next James Bond. By interesting, I mean the best news and this is awesome and I really hope it happens, because how can you not love Idris Elba?!

Kevin Spacey, who may be gay and is outed in Andy Cohen's new book, as Frank Underwood 'House Of Cards'
Kevin Spacey plays maybe-gay onscreen in 'House Of Cards.'

10 Celebrities Who Were Yanked Out Of The Closet

In his new book, Andy Cohen apparently outs Kevin Spacey as gay. I doubt anyone read this and had a life changing moment. It's still pretty rude, though, because Spacey has never publicly come out of the closet. Whether or not it's "obvious," it's still his private life and his own business. Whatever he chooses to disclose with the public is his choice.

Lily James stepping out of the magic stagecoach in the Disney Cinderella movie trailer live action
Even the sweetest Cinderella stories have some sort of creepy angle.

20 Disturbing Love And Life Lessons From Disney Princesses

I grew up with a lot of love for Disney cartoons, and like most girls I love Disney princesses. But unfortunately, not all women and girls are able to discern the Disney fairy tales they love from how real life actually works. Disney princesses set a really high bar for women and girls to live up to: your waist to hip ratio needs to be preternatural, you'll probably need to be born royalty or marry into it, and Prince Charming doesn't really need to know you that well.

Archie Comics are sexy now for some reason, as seen here in this snap of Archie, Betty and Veronica.
That's hot.

5 Perfectly Innocent Things That All Of A Sudden Are Sexy Now

You know Archie? The old fashioned comic about what kids were like back in the '60s, and it seems like it was probably kind of nerdy even for back then? Yeah, that Archie. You've probably never read it, but you know what it is. Well, next year, Archie is getting a sexy reboot, as a modern teen with modern friends dealing with modern things like iPods and internets and North Korean terrorists and Osama bin Laden's ghost haunting ALL OF AMERICA! (Almost none of that is confirmed, it's just what I'm assuming the new series will be about.

Miley Cyrus naked and crying in her "Wrecking Ball" music video
Miley Cyrus naked and dating Patrick Schwarzenegger: A Kennedy's nightmare.

10 Reasons Maria Shriver Wouldn't Want Miley Cyrus Dating Her Son

Miley Cyrus was quietly dating Patrick Schwarzenegger for months, but only recently went public with their romance: The pair were spotted making out last month at a USC game, and the couple kept the sexy party going at Art Basel in Miami last week. And by "party," we do mean party: Cyrus and Schwarzenegger were spotted boozing, glassy eyed and smoking what looked an awful lot like marijuana throughout the festival. And guess who wasn't thrilled with that? That's right: Patrick Schwarzenegger's blue-blooded, Kennedy-bred mother, Maria Shriver.

amal alamuddin and george clooney

5 Reasons We Absolutely LOVE Amal Clooney!

Barbara Walters just named the brilliant and beautiful Amal Clooney the Most Fascinating Person of the Year. (We're sure her handsome husband George Clooney agrees) The two recently tied the knot in Venice, Italy. Swoon! The famously secretive couple had all of Hollywood gushing over their nuptuals (and we were, too!).

channing tatum, white house down, cool, celebrity, fun, love, channing tatum love
Channing Tatum is as lovable offscreen as he is in movies.

10 Celebs You Love Who Actually Deserve It

One of the things that the recent hack of Sony Movies' private information revealed is that there are a lot of jerks working behind the scenes in Hollywood. Reading emails where people insulted actors and movies, whined about themselves, and yelled at other people was entertaining, but it was also pretty embarrassing for everyone involved. There was just a lot of negativity flying around.

OJ Simpson murder in The Naked Gun
Anyone starring as OJ Simpson can't expect the movie to be a love story.

10 Of The Absolute Worst Onscreen Couples Ever

It was recently announced that Cuba Gooding, Jr. has been cast as OJ Simpson in a miniseries by Ryan Murphy. Sarah Paulson is going to star as prosecutor Marcia Clark, and that the series is going to be like American Horror Story, except with true crimes instead of fictionalized horror. So, you know, super sleazy.