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Lana Del Rey winking wearing red lipstick in front of the United States American flag for her "Ride" music video
Time for some "sexual Congress," you know what we mean?

10 Of The Sexiest Politicians Working It In Washington Today

People often refer to Congress and politics in general as Hollywood for ugly people. That's mostly true. Most politicians, at least on the inside, are hideous (and the ones who aren't will be soon enough once they get the hang of things). Additionally, many politicians have really bad, albeit expensive, haircuts. But in order to get elected, politicians have to be attractive somehow, even if they're faking it (which they probably are, and again, if they're not, they will be soon enough).

Bisexual Catwoman 18
Catwoman came out as bisexual, but she's far from the first LGBTQ superhero.

10 LGBT Superheroes Who Kick MAJOR Ass

If there's one thing DC Comics likes to do, it's shake things up. Recently, they just revealed that Catwoman, one of their most famous characters, is bisexual. It was revealed in issue 39 of her current series (Vol 4). While it's not the most shocking reveal (it's been heavily hinted at for a long time), it's still a pretty big deal. Catwoman is a major character, so having her come out as bisexual is a big step. She's not the first character to belong to the LBGT community, but she's probably the most popular.

House of Cards, Frank Underwood, Kevin Spacey
You may need a 'HOC' intervention…

12 Signs You've Been Watching Too Much 'House Of Cards'

I had never seen House Of Cards, until this weekend. Starting Saturday morning I started with season 1 and pretty much didn't move off the couch the rest of the weekend. While some of you may judge me for that, I called it research. See, I pitched this article before ever seeing the show. Basically, I spent two solid days researching this article which takes a lot of commitment.

Eric and Aaron are the first openly gay couple on AMC's The Walking Dead.
Eric and Aaron are the first openly gay couple on AMC's "The Walking Dead."

11 Of Our Favorite Same-Sex TV Couples Ever

The Walking Dead recently introduced us to Eric, Aaron's boyfriend. As is his M.O. now, Rick Grimes didn't quite trust the pair and was behaving like an irrational asshat, at first refusing to even let the couple sleep in the same room. That didn't sit well with Aaron, because Eric is the love of his life.

Lady Gaga from Poker Face
Lady Gaga is creeping us out again.

10 Lady Gaga Looks That Fit Right In On 'American Horror Story'

It was just recently announced that Lady Gaga will be joining the next season of American Horror Story, ominously subtitled Hotel. I guess it's going to be about a spooky hotel. Not much is known about about Gaga's involvement, but I'm guessing she'll be playing someone who is staying at a hotel. Or owns a hotel. Or works at a hotel.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan as Ana Steele and Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey movie (50 Shades of Grey)
Dakota Johnson can just make out with a potato. It'd have more charisma.

10 Replacements For Jamie Dornan In 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

Earlier this week, rumors circulated that Jamie Dornan isn't necessarily excited to come back for another Fifty Shades Of Grey. His people made an official announcement saying that he's excited about the series and willing to return for a potential sequel. That hasn't stopped the rumors that he's leaving the series, because the rumors are more interesting than the actual movie itself. The rumors say that Dornan wasn't thrilled with the movie, and neither was his wife.

the Bachelor, Chris Soules, Love
And then there were two…

14 Most Awkward Moments On 'The Bachelor'

We have gone through an amazing season with Chris Soules on The Bachelor, but not because of him. To be perfectly honest, the women this time around really saved the season for us. Without them we would be so bored ... mainly because Chris literally never says anything important. He breathes really heavily (like it it might be the last breath he ever takes), he says "I don't know" a lot, and they either tell him to look into the distance too much or he literally ponders too much.