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Magic Mike cast Channing Tatum Matthew McConaughey Matt Bomer Alex Pettyfer Joe Manganiello
The original 'Magic Mike' cast were sex on sticks.

15 Hunks That NEED To Be In 'Magic Mike XXL'

Magic Mike is getting a sequel, and details are finally starting to be revealed! The casting news of Magic Mike XXL is slowly trickling, and new additions include Jade Pinkett-Smith, Amber Heard and Andie MacDowell. (As for the details of their actual roles, all we know so far is that Pinkett-Smith's character was originally written for a man — and that is not stripping in the flick!)

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Because 90 percent of them haven't worked out.

10 Reasons Most 'Bachelor' Relationships Don't Work Out

I've been watching The Bachelor since middle school. Yeah, it's been on for that long, and I remember watching the first Bachelor couple in history say "I do." Those two were Trista and Ryan. They are still together eight years later, however, The Bachelor was a little bit different then.

Wedding Scene From The 40 Year Old Virgin
What's weirder: This wedding or an actual '40-Year-Old Virgin'?

10 Weirdest Onscreen Weddings Ever

If you've ever been to a real wedding, then you know the deal. You sit through a ceremony, then cocktails, then dinner, then dancing. (If you've never been to a wedding, then stop reading articles on the internet and go make some friends, weirdo.) Weddings are fun, as long as they're every once in a while.( When you've been to the fourth or fifth wedding of the season, and your wallet's starting to hurt, then they're not as much fun.)

Lenny Kravitz playing guitar shirtless in a bedroom studio from his Instagram page
First of all, Lenny Kravitz looks like this. That should be enough.

11 Reasons Lenny Kravitz Is One Of The Sexiest Men On The Planet

Lenny Kravitz is playing the Super Bowl Halftime Show with Katy Perry this year, which is tragic, because he should be headlining it. The man is so talented it's absurd — he not only writes almost all of his own material on his own (whereas Katy Perry had a team of people to compose and Auto-Tune the Kafka-esque masterpiece that is "Hot n' Cold"), but he also can sing his taut ass off and plays every single instrument on his albums.

Chris Brown

10 Times Celebrities Said Stupid Sh*t About Gay Sex

Celebrities are in a very interesting position because they have such a public platform. People want to know what they are doing, what they think, and what they're wearing. Numerous people make money off this desire by following them and taking picture of them, by writing about their daily encounters, and interviewing them. Many of these celebrities are put on such a high pedestal that we tend to forget that we don’t truly know these people.

Proud and open bisexual Michelle Rodriguez, who is no longer dating neither Cara Delevingne nor Zac Efron, poses for a photoshoot with curly dark brown hair, natural looking makeup and a black tanktop in front of a slate gray background
Proud bisexual Michelle Rodriguez is terrified of being tied down.

No Strings Attached, Please: 20 Celebrity Commitment-Phobes

Michelle Rodriguez is the latest celebrity to be unlucky in love and admit that it's her own fault. The bisexual actress, who's dated Cara Delevingne, Kristanna Loken and Zac Efron, admitted to Milla Jovovich in Interview magazine that she's a straight up commitment-phobe. "I'm a lone wolf," Rodriguez, 36, confessed. "I run by myself on most things. I've got lots of really great friends, but the thought of being in a long-lasting relationship? Psh, I couldn't last more than six months with somebody."

Justin Bieber from SNL (Saturday Night Live)
Justin Bieber is crying a river now.

10 Reasons We Don't Beliebe Justin Bieber's Apology

If you haven't being paying attention, Justin Bieber went from being an adorable little kid singing some cute songs written by 40-year-old men to exactly the sort of person you'd expect him to be: He went from being a normal kid to a superstar before he hit puberty, and of course he grew up to be kind of a monster. Frankly, it would be weird if he didn't.

Bruce Jenner in 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'
Bruce Jenner gives few f*cks.

12 Reasons Why Bruce Jenner Might Be The Best Dad Ever

You may have noticed that over the past few years, Bruce Jenner has gone through a bit of a transformation in terms of his physical appearance: His hair is longer, he's been getting manicures, his eyebrow game remains on point. As it turns out, Bruce Jenner is going through not just a transformation, but also a bit of a transition right now — or as stepdaughter Kim Kardashian put it, he's on a "journey." And that journey is to live his life as a woman.