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Theresa Caputo, the self-professed "Long Island Medium" of TLC stardom, holding her head in her hands and looking shocked
"Long Island Medium" Theresa Caputo is about as real as her nails.

"Long Island Medium" Skeptics Are As Much Of A Sham As She Is

A new book threatens to reveal the secret behind The Long Island Medium. That is ridiculous, because there is no secret behind the Long Island Medium. But before you think I'm buying her bull, too, let me explain: I'm not saying that I believe Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo actually talks to dead people, I'm saying that Caputo's doing a very old and common parlor trick called "cold reading," in which people like soothsayers, mentalists and, yes, mediums trick audience members and listeners that they know much mo

Lady Gaga with dark hair in bed wearing no makeup
Lady Gaga's true love is for her fans — aka "little monsters."

The 9 Most Brilliant Lady Gaga Love Quotes

Love her or hate her for her fashion, her image or her antics, Lady Gaga is a brainy girl with some unique perspectives on that crazy lil' thing called love. See her best best, most memorable quotes on the topic.

Jack Antonoff, Lena Dunham, Celeb Couple
The couple that defines the hipster generation.

Drumroll Please: Meet The 'It' Couple Of Our Generation

After almost two years of dating, Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff put our relationships to shame. They’re adorably hipster-ish and can’t get enough of each other via social media. We could all learn more than a few things about dating from these two.

Nelson Mandela and Winnie
His second wife Winnie was called "Mother of the Nation" despite her controversies.

Nelson Mandela's Wives (Plus The Secret 'One' Who Got Away)

Today, we celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day, but worldwide festivities are veiled by a notable tinge of sadness — it's the first time we celebrate the annual holiday since his death. Nelson Mandela, who passed away last year at the age of 95, was a man who practiced and preached the power of love. In fact, he believed in love so much that he exchanged vows with three different women over his lifetime. We uncovered the lesser known details of their marriages, plus one woman who rejected his proposal.

ryan gosling and sandra bullock
Ryan and Sandra? Say WHAT?!

10 Weird Celebrity Hookups You Didn't Know About

Everyone has that one ex who causes you to think, Ugh, why did I ever date him? And celebrities are no exception. It's one thing to be embarrassed about a past relationship. But when you're in Hollywood, it's a yoyo of who's dated who. Can you say incestuous? But just like us, stars aren't immune to making mistakes in the dating department. And thanks to them, we get to gossip about every one-night stand, quick fling or engagement that shouldn't have happened.

One Direction singer Harry Styles wearing a hat and sunglasses - Instagram
Harry Styles is probably the most popular member of One Direction.

5 Reasons Harry Styles Needs To Ditch One Direction

The rumor that One Direction's most popular hunk and Taylor Swift's ex Harry Styles is gunning for a solo career is nothing new. While the latest batch of gossip has been refute, we think it's the perfect time for Hazza to venture out on his own.