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Madonna in Interview magazine talking about dating, love, and sex
Madonna and who?!

Whaaaa? 16 Celebs You Never Knew Dated Each Other

Everybody remembers flashy celebrity weddings (and the often times disastrous marriages that follow), but what about the flings that came before? What about the strange hookups and relationships that some celebs would rather leave buried? Well, we dug them up!

Shirtless Jamie Dornan, who stars as Christian Grey in the "Fifty Shades Of Grey" movie adaptation
Kim Cattrall thinks Jamie Dornan is a girly man. Ho-kay.

10 "Feminine" Hollywood Men We'd Still Totally Bang

Sex And The City star Kim Cattrall recently went on a rant about Fifty Shades Of Grey star Jamie Dornan, saying he's just not man enough for her. Page Six reports the aging bombshell griped, "Maybe it's my age, but he doesn't look like a man to me. He looks like a young boy. I like men to look like men."

Meghan Trainor playing with a dollhouse in her "All About That Bass" music video
If Meghan Trainor's lips are movin', something stupid is usually coming out.

10 Dumbest, Most Insufferable Meghan Trainor Lyrics Ever

Listen, I really want to like Meghan Trainor. I love 60s-style pop, which is her forte, and I admit to occasionally bopping around to her songs in the car. Her aesthetic is cute most of the time when she's not infantilizing herself with creepy pigtails or something ("Lips Are Movin'"), or letting her foundation oxidize into an orange mess (see the "All About That Bass" video). She's pretty swell in a lot of ways.

Barack Obama in American flag glasses, Bill Clinton cartoon holding a gun with a young brunette woman, Abraham Lincoln dressed as Batman
God bless the USA.

United States Of HOT: 15 Sexiest Presidents Ever

There are few things in this world that are sexier than power. When you have more power than anyone else on the planet, you're automatically a little hotter than you were before, even if you look human adjacent, homeless or inbred. It doesn't matter. You're probably well educated or at least remotely intelligent (like Harry Truman) or at the very least have parents who can buy you into Ivy Leagues (like George W. Bush).

Kate Bosworth Two Different Color Eyes
Kate Bosworth is a beautiful freak.

16 Celebrities With Super-Freaky Physical Deformities

Our differences—we won't call them flaws!—are what makes us unique and totally awesome! Things like scars, which come from life experience, or out-of-the-ordinary physical traits or atypical body parts, which are usually genetic conditions that we are born with, are what make us special and distinct; they are also the things that give us character. You will find absolutely no body shaming here; we celebrate the very things which make people stand out from the crowd.

Shirley MacLaine, Movie grandmas, Rumor has it
These ladies still know how to work it.

Grannys Gone Wild! 10 Sexiest Grandmas In Movie History

There have always been hot moms in movies. Jane Seymour's performance as the hot mom who tries to go after the younger men in Wedding Crashers or the classic high school loving "MILF" in American Pie also known as Stifler's mom have ruled the world for far too long. It's time to give someone else a chance to be the sexy ones. The women we are talking about are the amazing, ageless, sexy people who have gone far beyond being a hot mom.

Lana Del Rey winking wearing red lipstick in front of the United States American flag for her "Ride" music video
Time for some "sexual Congress," you know what we mean?

10 Of The Sexiest Politicians Working It In Washington Today

People often refer to Congress and politics in general as Hollywood for ugly people. That's mostly true. Most politicians, at least on the inside, are hideous (and the ones who aren't will be soon enough once they get the hang of things). Additionally, many politicians have really bad, albeit expensive, haircuts. But in order to get elected, politicians have to be attractive somehow, even if they're faking it (which they probably are, and again, if they're not, they will be soon enough).

Bisexual Catwoman 18
Catwoman came out as bisexual, but she's far from the first LGBTQ superhero.

10 LGBT Superheroes Who Kick MAJOR Ass

If there's one thing DC Comics likes to do, it's shake things up. Recently, they just revealed that Catwoman, one of their most famous characters, is bisexual. It was revealed in issue 39 of her current series (Vol 4). While it's not the most shocking reveal (it's been heavily hinted at for a long time), it's still a pretty big deal. Catwoman is a major character, so having her come out as bisexual is a big step. She's not the first character to belong to the LBGT community, but she's probably the most popular.

House of Cards, Frank Underwood, Kevin Spacey
You may need a 'HOC' intervention…

12 Signs You've Been Watching Too Much 'House Of Cards'

I had never seen House Of Cards, until this weekend. Starting Saturday morning I started with season 1 and pretty much didn't move off the couch the rest of the weekend. While some of you may judge me for that, I called it research. See, I pitched this article before ever seeing the show. Basically, I spent two solid days researching this article which takes a lot of commitment.