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Friends Cast
Sigh, could they have been any cooler?

22 Awesome Things You Definitely Didn't Know About 'Friends'

Thanks to constant re-runs, we've never truly said goodbye to our Friends. And just a day after news broke that a Central Perk pop-up coffee shop is opening in NYC next month, last night, Friends fanatics got what they've been dreaming of since the sitcom ended in 2004 — a reunion! Well, sort of.


So, The Emmys Objectified Sofia Vergara For No Good Reason

The Emmys took a very troubling turn with a bit that presented Sofia Vergara's body as evidence that TV throughout the years has known how to present viewers with "something compelling to look at." As the president of the Academy spoke about, of all things, diversity on television, Vergara spun around on a literal rotating pedestal.

N'SYNC never really knew much about love. Just look at how JT treats his women!

10 Times '90s Boy Bands Ruined My Love Life

Back in the '90s, boy bands ruled the scene. They were full of hot, young guys and they led the mall crowd all the way into the early 2000s. Everywhere they went, they were followed by screaming girls. They were probably the most popular guys on the planet. Not everyone liked them, however. I didn't. I was a teenage boy, and they were the bane of my existence.


Would You Ink Yourself For Love?

David Beckham's collection of body art includes a pinup-style sketch of wife Victoria Beckham with the phrase "Forever By Your Side." That doesn’t sound particularly posh!

blue ivy
Blue Ivy is a beauty, like her mama.

10 Ways Blue Ivy Carter Is Already Better Than All Of Us

With her curly cues and her adorbs, iridescent dress, Blue Ivy, the privileged offspring of Beyonce and Jay Z, made a fashion splash at the 2014 VMAs. But she ruled your life, our life, her mama's life, her daddy's life and the VMAs' life in general when she cooed, "Yay, mommy" as the Hova took the stage to hand Beyonce her Video Vanguard Award. Bey had just performed a medley of every song from her new, self-titled album to close out the broadcast and ceremony and, unsurprisingly, it was the best performance of the night. No wonder Blue is the best celeb kid there is!

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke twerking at the VMAs
Miley Cyrus' nearly naked twerking on Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMAs was gross.

10 Things Miley Cyrus Can Do Now That She's Retired Twerking

Remember last year at the VMAs when Miley Cyrus went up on stage and acted a fool, and she claimed that what she was doing was called twerking? And we were all like "No, that wasn't twerking. I'm not sure what twerking is, but that definitely wasn't it." And then MTV tried to act like it was a really popular thing and everyone was kind of uncomfortable and confused?