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Ben Stein
Ben Stein tried coercing a pregnant woman into letting him hug and kiss her.

10 Celebs Who Are Major Creeps

Even celebs can be creepy, moreso than us regular folk because their actions are magnified and amplified in the media. These are nine celebs have done some pretty creepy things.

Christian Grey app
Looks sexy, doesn't it?

Apply To Be Christian Grey's New Sex Goddess (Er, Intern)

Anastasia Steele will probably go down in history as having the dream internship at Grey Enterprises Holdings. Filing invoices and fetching coffee orders? No, thanks. How about helicopter rides and lots of sheet-gripping, lip-biting sex with a debonair billionaire? Ever since you finished your copy of Fifty Shades Of Grey, you've probably been wondering to yourself, "Damn. How do I get an internship like THAT?" Rest assured ladies, someone (with some tech-savvy skills) has heard our collective prayers. In promotion for the upcoming flick, Universal just released The Fifty Shades Of Grey Internship Program app.

James Garner in The Notebook
James Garner and Gena Rowlands in 'The Notebook.'

James Garner Was The REAL Reason You Cried At 'The Notebook'

Even 10 years later, I still can't watch 'The Notebook' without crying. But for me at least, it has nothing to do with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Instead, it was all about James Garner's performance as old Noah Calhoun, who shined in that role for putting a gentle, kind face on what it means to be a man. It's the love story of Allie and Noah, but it's really Noah's story. And I loved James Garner for telling it so beautifully.

Anna Paquin Stephen Moyer
Sookie and Bill couldn't keep the romance contained to the small screen.

Bloody Romantic: 3 Real-Life Vampire Franchise Couples

There must be something about being a vampire –or at least playing one in a mega successful film franchise or on TV—that makes an actor or actress exceedingly amorous and/or attractive. Several co-stars in bloodsucker franchises have engaged in real-life relationships!

Christina Milian Lil Wayne
Some celeb couples are PR stunts instead of the real thing.

Busted! 5 Celebrity Couples That Are Total PR Stunts

Because Hollywood is a town that operates off a battery of press and publicity, there have been plenty of allegedly fake Hollywood couples. See five of our favorite allegedly fake couples.