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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with kids
Rosario Dawson is a mom! She adopted a daughter.

15 Celebs Who Adopted Children

Rosario Dawson is a mom. That was a shocker, right? Since we never saw a baby bump! Well, reports indicate that the actress adopted a daughter earlier this fall. That's so sweet, especially since the new addition to her family is not an infant, but a 12-year-old. Sources say that the Sin City star, who was adopted herself at the age of one by her own stepfather, is family-oriented, which is sort of obvious.

Jim Carrey as the Grinch in How The Grinch Stole Christmas, christmas songs, xmas songs
I'm here to destroy all your happy Christmas song memories. You're welcome!

10 Christmas Songs That Are Actually Creepy As Hell

Christmas music is a fun way to get into the spirit of the Christmas season as a whole (provided you don't work in retail, in which case you're probably sick of them by December 2). Christmas songs are fun to sing along with while you're wrapping gifts, decorating your tree, hanging your Christmas lights, or just chugging eggnog and rum from the carton on your couch. (Really, who are you to judge me?)

Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation
Sometimes, true love isn't with another person. And that's okay.

10 People Who Found True Love In Things Other Than People

If you don't know who Nick Offerman is, then you're living your life poorly and you need to fix that. In a world of hipsters, he's bringing manliness back in the best way. He's doing it in a way that makes people that don't agree with him feel to uncomfortable to make eye contact with him. The way things are supposed to be. (Hint: Nick Offerman is a star of Parks And Recreation.)

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult from X-Men: First Class
Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are on-and-offscreen loves.

10 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Should Reunite

I don't know if you've been paying attention, but Jennifer Lawrence may not be dating Chris Martin anymore. Now, J-Law's former love Nicholas Hoult is no longer dating Kristen Stewart, which is something that we supposedly know really happened. Which is good for him, because Kristen Stewart looks like she smells bad. There are rumors that Hoult wants to get back together with Lawrence, which of course he does. She's delightful. There are also rumors that she's open to getting back together with him. Exciting!

Chris Brown, Kevin Federline, Nude pictures, dick pics
It’s time to talk penises.

10 Male Celebs Whose Naughty Photos Were Leaked

This year brought the celebrity nude picture count up by a lot, but we've been focusing on all the women whose photos were leaked earlier this year, when in fact there have been plenty of men whose junk has been exposed for everyone to see in past years. (But because we live in a pretty sexist world, all of the attention only goes to female nude celebrities.)

Original Sin movie Angelina Jolie sex video Antonio Banderas
'Original Sin' may as well be an Angelina Jolie sex video with Antonio Banderas.

13 Movies So Steamy, They Might As Well Be Celeb Sex Videos

There's always going to be a market for the celebrity sex video: It's naked famous people getting "caught in the act" and being, in most cases, genuinely intimate (when they're not adjusting their cameras or trying to find their best angles). Thing is, most celeb sex videos won't make it into wide theatrical releases, and before Paris Hilton made having a sex video a prerequisite to global superstardom, if audiences wanted to see sex onscreen, they'd either have to go to a red light district or attempt to unscramble their cable boxes after 10PM.

Jennifer Aniston Lob Hair
Jennifer Aniston, hair icon, has a lob. That's a long bob.

Short Hair Don't Care: 15 Celebs With Lobs

The lob is the most popular celeb haircut of 2014. So many normally long-locked A-listers have chopped their strands, opting for the lob, which is a long bob. It's not a short 'do; it's more medium in its length, since it can skim the shoulders or hang a bit longer than the chin. It can be asymmetrical, beveled or shaggy and layered. It can be blown out sleek, like you normally see on coif queen Jennifer Aniston, or it can be textured and wavy, with that whole bedhead thang.

The Walking Dead, AMC, Abraham
Abraham's mustache is a manicured mystery.

16 Things That Make No Sense on 'The Walking Dead'

As time passes in the apocalypse that is The Walking Dead, we expect certain things. We expect that people are going to get much uglier as time goes on (because there's no time to primp), we expect that cars will be no longer an option and we also expect that like Game of Thrones, winter is coming.