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katy perry at ESPN Gameday
ESPN Gameday with Katy Perry was kind of epic...and weird at the same time.

I Love You Katy Perry But Please Stay Away From Football

Our celeb crush Katy Perry appeared on ESPN College GameDay and things got very weird, VERY fast. Even though we love her, we weren't prepared for all of the weirdness (and hilarity) that ensued.

Stephen Collins child molestation
Stephen Collins confessed to child molestation.

Stephen Collins And 9 Other Stars Who Ruined Our Childhoods

What was your favorite TV show or movie or song when you were a kid? It doesn't matter what the answer is because whoever made probably ended up committing some horrific crime. Stephen Collins confessed, inadvertently on tape, to molestation of several children, one being his niece. Stephen Collins. The dude who played a minister on 7th Heaven and was constantly surrounded, while on set, by a ton of children. Great.


Jennifer Lawrence Calls Nude Photo Leak A 'Sex Crime'

Jennifer Lawrence is breaking her silence on the nude photo hack, saying that the incident was not a "scandal," but a "sex crime." The 24-year-old actress appears on the November 2014 cover of Vanity Fair. Contributing editor Sam Kashner first met with the Oscar-winner on Aug. 13, but after nude photos were stolen from her iCloud and leaked online on Aug. 31, Kashner reached out again in hopes of giving the actress "a chance to have the last word."


11 Celebs Who Married "Regular" People

Good news! Not all celebrities pick their spouses from the fame-pool. Some date outside Hollywood, with wonderful results. In many cases, these celeb-average-Joe-pairings result in longer, happier marriages (so, you know, good for them!). And these long, happy marriages make us happy too. We just want good things for the world, and that includes celebrities. If that means movie stars and musicians should marry regular people like us, so be it (we want this for the good of the world, we swear! No other reasons we can speak of … or will own up to).

Gerard Depardieu Sitting In Bed
Actor Gerard Depardieu is a survivor of sexual abuse.

11 Celebrities Who Survived Sexual Abuse

Actor Gerard Depardieu recently revealed that he prostituted at age 10. He is one of several celebs to have survived and to have spoken out about sexual abuse as a means to help others who have endured the same painful experience.

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds IMDB
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds will have one beautiful baby.

10 Reasons Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Will Be Awesome Parents

OMG! That genetically blessed, A-list couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, who married in 2012, are expecting their first child. His ex-wife Scarlett Johansson may have beat him to the punch by reproducing first, having given birth to a daughter in August, but he remarried before she did so they are sorta even when it comes to that whole moving on thing. But right now, it's all about Lively and Reynolds, and the bun in her oven.

From the movie Gone Girl
'Gone Girl' made me really scared of my girlfriend.

10 Relationship Lessons I Learned From The Movie 'Gone Girl'

I usually pick better movies for date night. Looking back, I should have known what I was walking into. I took my girlfriend to go see Gone Girl, and now I'm terrified of her. Absolutely terrified. I didn't read any spoilers on the movie ahead of time, so I thought the movie was going to be a mystery movie. If you haven't seen it yet, then stop reading this right now. It's a great movie, but it's best if you don't know much about it before seeing it.

nick jonas
Nick Jonas tries to be an adult by grabbing his bulge.

Nick Jonas Is Turning Into An Even More Annoying Miley Cyrus

Nick Jonas is officially creeping us out. The former boy bander turned solo star is posing nearly naked in the new issue of Flaunt magazine, and we're not going to lie: From the neck down, he is, indeed, a gloriously sculpted dude. But everything is just so wrong with this.