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The 10 Absolute Worst Horror Movie Boyfriends Ever

The 10 Absolute Worst Horror Movie Boyfriends Ever

Hey ladies, sometimes you just gotta dump that chump. I find myself saying that a lot when I watch movies. Dumb or dopey boyfriends are a big trend in Hollywood. It's really easy to create some sort of conflict, pair up a regular old gal with some buffoon and see what happens! An it's the worst in horror movies. In other genres, the guy is just a bad boyfriend. In scary movies, however, his bad relationship skills are getting people killed. Which is way worse than just like, not supporting his girlfriend's dreams or something. These guys really are the worst boyfriends ever.

Danai Gurira as Michonne from The Walking Dead
Danai Gurira is the biggest badass of the bunch as Michonne on 'The Walking Dead.'

10 Reasons Michonne Of 'The Walking Dead' Is The F*cking Best

The Walking Dead is one of those shows where I don't know if I like it or not. I watch it, I've seen every episode, but if someone asked me if I liked it I wouldn't know how to answer. I like the comics it's based off of, but the show is very different than the comics. For example, things happen a lot in the comics. On the show, things happen occasionally, and then the characters spend three or four episodes discussing what just happened.

The original Ghostbusters were great, but some kickass women will rock too.

14 Funny Ladies Who'd Be Kick-Ass Ghostbusters

There's not going to be a Ghostbusters 3. Instead, the franchise is going to be rebooted, this time featuring a cast of all female Ghostbusters. At least, that's the latest news on this long rumored follow up. Ghostbusters was a huge movie, and spawned a successful cartoon series, toy line, and eventually a not-so-successful sequel. Children of the '80s and early '90s were obsessed with the franchise, and it was probably as popular as the Ninja Turtles were.

My So Called Life Claire Danes Jared Leto
"My So-Called Life" premiered on August 25, 1994.

12 Crucial Love Lessons From 'My So-Called-Life'

'My So-Called Life' depicted the extreme highs and lows of high school romance. While we really hope that Angela isn't still pining for Jordan Catalano after 20 years, we did learn many long-lasting lessons in love as we watched her chase (pun intended) the unattainable bad boy.

gaga wedding
Look at these very casual celebrities make these wedding picture more awesome

15 Times Celebrities Crashed Weddings And Stole The Spotlight

Normally wedding crashers are dreaded rather than welcomed. Weddings take so much time and money to plan, and most people don't want complete strangers to stroll in and freeload by eating their food and drinking their alcohol. Makes sense, right? But of course there are exceptions to every rule.