Wondering which celebs are getting married, falling in love or sneaking off the red carpet for a secret snog? Celebrity Love keeps you up to date on your favorite stars love lives
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby takes the cake for creepiest star of 2014.

The 14 Biggest Celebrity Scandals Of 2014

To put it mildly: A lot of crazy things happened in 2014. Even though it felt like the year flew by, there were so many occurrences that a lot of people completely forgot happened this year until they were reminded just recently. Luckily, we've been spending our last few weeks of 2014 looking back on everything that went on. In the pop culture world, it felt like a new celebrity we love shocked with us a huge scandal once a month.

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron
Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are an odd couple.

The 15 Weirdest New Celebrity Couples To Find Love In 2014

Celebrity relationships rarely last very long, so every year, we're presented with a new crop of couples to gossip about. Sometimes celebrity pairs just make perfect sense - for example, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris (could they actually be any cooler?). And sometimes, the couple is so cute that nothing else even matters, like Britney Spears and her new boyfriend Charlie Ebersol.

Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello, Sofia Vergara Joe Manganiello, Joe Manganiello Sofia Vergara, Sofia Vergara engaged, Joe Manganiello engaged, Sofia Vergara Joe Manganiello engaged, Joe Manganiello Sofia Vergara engaged
Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello may be the sexiest couple ever.

10 Ways Joe Manganiello Made Sofia Vergara Fall In Love

Congratulations to Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello! The Modern Family vixen and Magic Mike hunk are engaged! After flashing a sparkler around Hawaii, a source confirmed to Page Six that the pair, who first hooked up publicly in July, are engaged, adding, "They are very happy and very much in love."

Chris Rock in Top Five
Chris Rock and his wife, who he thought he loved, are dunzo.

10 Best Chris Rock Marriage, Relationship, And Love Quotes Ever

Apparently, not everyone thinks Chris Rock is all that funny ... and apparently it's not enough to say "I think I love my wife." The comedian/movie star is getting divorced from his wife, with whom he shares two children. They've been married since 1996, so in terms of Hollywood standards, he's been married for several lifetimes. (I also just found out that Chris Rock has the same birthday as me, but none of the news outlets are covering that. What a bunch of jerks.)

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss
Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss were adorbs at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

The 15 Cutest Celebrity Best Friends Of 2014

Hollywood romances are cute and all, but they've got nothing on celebrity best friends and the love that they share. This past year, thanks to Instagram and Twitter, we saw a whole bunch of A-listers become super close. Forget the boyfriend/girlfriend selfie — 2014 was all about the BFF selfie. From supermodel besties to pairs of stars you didn't even know knew each other to co-stars turned practically soul mates, we all spent 2014 scrolling through photos of famous BFFs.

Parks and Recreation, Love Lessons, NBC Parks and Rec, Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler
Because sometimes you need to treat yo self.

18 Life And Love Lessons From 'Parks And Recreation'

The countdown to the last season of Parks and Recreation, a show we totally love, has begun, and it is "literally" the saddest we have ever felt, ever. Last season we said goodbye to Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger, which was hard, but now we have to say good bye to Leslie, April, Tom, Andy and yes, we are even going to miss Jerry/Larry/Garry/Terry.

Margaret Cho Wedding
The newly-divorcing Margaret Cho isn't the only celeb with an open relationship.

10 Celebs Who Tried Finding (More) Love With Open Relationships

Open relationships are tricky. Not everyone, be it celebs or regular citizens, has the constitution to deal with the prospect of their significant other that they love having a side piece, even if they think they do and agree to be a part of an open relationship that allows partners to hook up with others. An open relationship pretty much allows for, well, cheating. You can dress it up in any sort of semantics, but it let's call it what it is.

Schmidt, New Girl, Max Greenfield
Merry Schmidt-akkuh!

11 'New Girl' Schmidt Quotes You'll Absolutely Love

It's Hanukkah, the week of Christmas and a time to watch re-runs while all the shows you love are on hiatus for the holidays. Even though New Girl isn't showing new episodes right now, all of the older seasons are currently on Netflix, which means it's the perfect time to go back and re-watch all of Schmidt’s greatest moments — and there are a lot of them over the past four years.

Idris Elba, future James Bond, starring in "No Good Deed"
Seriously, how do you NOT love Idris Elba? How?

10 Reasons Why We Love Idris Elba As The New James Bond

When Sony was hacked and their private email conversations were released to the public, a lot of insider movie news was revealed to the public. One of the more interesting reveals was that Idris Elba may be the next James Bond. By interesting, I mean the best news and this is awesome and I really hope it happens, because how can you not love Idris Elba?!

Lily James stepping out of the magic stagecoach in the Disney Cinderella movie trailer live action
Even the sweetest Cinderella stories have some sort of creepy angle.

20 Disturbing Love And Life Lessons From Disney Princesses

I grew up with a lot of love for Disney cartoons, and like most girls I love Disney princesses. But unfortunately, not all women and girls are able to discern the Disney fairy tales they love from how real life actually works. Disney princesses set a really high bar for women and girls to live up to: your waist to hip ratio needs to be preternatural, you'll probably need to be born royalty or marry into it, and Prince Charming doesn't really need to know you that well.