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The newly engaged Benedict Cumberbatch wearing a grey and white suit, looking out a window
Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged in real life, but we still love him.

23 Signs Your Imaginary Celebrity Boyfriend Broke Your Heart

Rip off the bandaid: Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged, Ryan Gosling is the father of Eva Mendes' baby, and Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Norman Reedus, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Jason Momoa, Harry Styles and every other celebrity man with whom you may be obsessed will (probably) never date you.

Chris Pratt, Parks and Recreation, Guardians of The Galaxy
Peter Quill and Andy Dwyer are everything.

18 Reasons We're Obsessed With Chris Pratt

For some of us who like to think we liked something way before the masses, our love for Chris Pratt began long before the summer of 2014 or the "Summer of Pratt" as it shall otherwise be known. One day we were in high school and Bright Abbott came into our lives. (If you don't know what we're talking about, you need to watch Everwood immediately.)  It doesn't really matter when it began, but Chris Pratt has become the new Ryan Gosling. Yes, we said it: pretty and perfect have been replaced with funny and adorable.

benedict cumberbatch being adorable.
He is more than just our cup of tea.

Sherlock's Engaged! 13 Reasons We Love Benedict Cumberbatch

So, Benedict Cumberbatch recently recreated a famous scene from Pride and Prejudice for Cancer Research UK's Give Up Clothes For Good campaign; if your ovaries didn't already explode from swooning, check out these thirteen reasons that only just scratch the surface of why we're totally crushing on sexy Brit Benedict Cumberbatch. Cumbercollective, unite!

taylor swift and ed sheeran
Some couples belong together ... in our minds!

13 Celebs We WISH Were Married To Each Other

Celebrity couples come and celeb couples go, from Bennifer, who are actually celebrating their 10th anniversary of breaking up in 2014, to Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush. 'Member when those two goofy kids were a unit and she made a sexy calendar for him? How could you forget, right? Celeb unions, be it a brief romances, a long-term relationship, a fledgling hookup that goes nowhere or a quickie (and not well-thought-out) marriage, often crumble under the weight of public and media scrutiny.

Lena Dunham from Girls

The Rise and Fall of Lena Dunham In GIFS

  Lena Dunham started out with promise and backlash, and now she's getting mostly backlash. The GIRLS creator, born to rich and well-connected parents, earned viewers' love by getting naked a lot despite not having a typical Hollywood body.

Taylor Swift Crowd Instagram

6 Things Taylor Swift Has Wrong About Love And Relationships

To her dedicated legion of female fans and her pre-teen and teenage admirers, singer/songwriter/music industry savior Taylor Swift is the poet laureate of the iPad generation, a critical authority on love and love gone wrong, as evidenced in and detailed by her songs. Swift has been involved in many high profile romances — John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles off the top of our heads — that have petered out spectacularly and have found their way into her songs.

Amanda Bynes, The Amanda Show
Get better soon, Amanda — we love you!

19 Reasons We Still Adore Amanda Bynes And Want Her To Get Better

Amanda Bynes might be struggling right now, but if Britney Spears can pull through it, then we think Amanda has a fighting chance to get the help she needs. In case you're lost, it all started in late September when Amanda got pulled over in Sherman Oaks, California for a DUI. She was released and immediately hopped on a flight to New York. When she got there, she started acting very weird, like she did back when she was tweeting about Drake and starting fires in driveways.

Celebrity BFFs, Best Friends, Monica and Rachel
Monica and Rachel are BFFs forever!

10 Celeb BFFs Who Prove Women Can Stick Together

Yes, girls are catty, and we get jealous of other women quite easily, but to say that women don't like each other is a flat out lie. Most girls have plenty of female best friends. In fact, women who "don't get along with other women" are subject to questioning, because there is nothing more important than a bestie.

Emily Kinney as Beth Greene on 'The Walking Dead' AMC
Emily Kinney is adorable on 'The Walking Dead,' but Beth is basic.

10 Reasons Beth Was The Living Worst On 'The Walking Dead'

Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead has been insane so far, and we're only a few episodes in to this installment of the series. Warning: Beware of spoilers ahead if you're not caught up! One person who's been missing all season until now? Beth Greene, daughter of the late Hershel Greene and sister to badass (and one half of the best TV couples ever) Maggie Greene.