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Your Marriage Problems Solved... By A Blanket?

A small-town teacher has created a product he claims will solve all of our marriage problems: The Better Marriage Blanket. We were excited when we first saw the press release. After all, the bedroom is pretty much ground zero when it comes to marital spats, what with the unmade bed, the laundry on the floor, couples' wildly divergent sleep schedules, etc. Visions of a product that could solve it all danced in our heads. And then we read on.

Debbie Rowe To Attend Custody Hearing
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Debbie Rowe To Attend Custody Hearing

Will she get the kids that she and Michael Jackson spawned? As we previously reported, Debbie Rowe wants her children back. She told this to NBC-LA in a 90-minute phone interview. She offered to undergo DNA testing to prove that she is the biological mother of Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael, the children she gave birth to when she was married to Michael Jackson. She's even reportedly expressed a willingness to raise Prince Michael II ("Blanket"), the child Michael Jackson had with an anonymous surrogate after they divorced.  But immediately after her NBC-LA interview, Rowe's lawyer gave a press conference stating that her decision on seeking custody was not final. Divorce Laws, Demystified

michael jackson grace rwaramba secret lover
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MJ's Secret Lover Revealed

Last week Michael Jackson's bodyguard gave an exclusive interview revealing that MJ had a longtime secret lover. Now Michael's photographer has come out to reveal exactly who the female companion was. (She was even closer to the children than we'd imagined.)

paris jackson michael daughter speech
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Michael Jackson's Daughter's Controversial Speech

One of the most moving moments of Michael Jackson's memorial service yesterday was the brave speech given by his daughter Paris Michael Katherine, who's 11. "Daddy was the best father you could ever imagine," she said. Reports state that Paris's biological mother Debbie Rowe was watching the service remotely and broke down after seeing her daughter speak.