Anna Paquin in True Blood
Anna Paquin schooled Larry King on bisexuality.

Stars Who Swing Both Ways: 17 Bisexual Celebrities

Nobody wants to hear Larry King talk about sex, but he keeps doing it. Things got uncomfortable when he sat down with Anna Paquin and he brought up her bisexuality. Since she's currently married to a man, King referred to her as a non practicing bisexual. Paquin informed King that its something that doesn't go away, and tried to explain to him how it works. Things got super uncomfortable, mostly because Larry King is the oldest man ever and he's talking about sex.

Michelle Rodriguez kissing a camera
Actress Michelle Rodriguez isn't afraid of a little PDA. But how real is the love?
Celebrity Love

Celebrity Showmances: Real Deal or Camera-Ready?

Zac Efron was photographed kissing actress Michelle Rodriguez, who has not hidden her smoochfests with Cara Delevingne, sparking a flood of "NEW COUPLE ALERT!" headlines. Do we need to call BS and label it a "showmance?" Well, as it turns out, the answer is not that simple.

Shailene Woodley at the 2014 Elle Style Awards
Shailene Woodley is open to dating more than just men!
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7 Facts About Shailene Woodley's Love Life!

Shailene Woodley is making her mark as a marquee name. The actress stars in Divergent, where she plays a fiercely independent girl who fights against societal norms — and it's not far from her real life. Woodley's hippie-chic, Earth-friendly lifestyle isn't the only thing that sets her apart from her peers: her love life is pretty intriguing and different, too. This is one gal who's not afraid to take risks, whether it be with her career, her hair or her heart! Get to know Woodley's dating history and beliefs on love ...

Michelle Rodriguez Cara Delevingne Kiss
Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne sure are affectionate. And maybe drunk.
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Are They Really Dating? Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodriguez!

Are Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez dating?! The pair has been spotted painting the town red together all around the world — including kissing courtside at a basketball game. But considering Delevingne smooches and licks people like Miley Cyrus, Kellan Lutz and Rita Ora all the time (just see her Instagram feed!), does it really mean that she and Rodriguez are an item? If you ask Rodriguez, the answer is yes!

Do Successful Women Just Want A Man For Their Image ?
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Do Successful Women Just Want A Man For Their Image ?

What a tricky and difficult concept for men to even digest. However, in today’s dating world, it’s much more common than most would like to believe. The first thing we need to analyze are these successful women, and how they got to the positions they are in. It would be fair to say that successful women play by the rules and know how to work hard and get what they want, with professionalism and education. Painting a picture-perfect world is also another trait most successful women demonstrate.

national coming out day
It helps to have an ally.

'Coming Out' Isn't A Moment; It's Way Of Life

Today is National Coming Out Day, and it always finds a way to creep up and pummel me with a fist of emotions. This day reminds me of the journey I've been on for nearly seven years—from the torment of the closet to the proud, open person I see in the mirror now. See, coming out is not a one-shot deal. It begins with a finite moment, of course, but coming out is an infinite expedition in the life of a homosexual.

10 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Bisexual
Fergs? Go for it girl!
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10 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Bisexual

Sure, Fergie's all ready to pop any minute now but before playing wifey to Josh Duhamel, this mama-to-be was loving on some ladies. Surprised? Yeah, we were too, so we decided to dig a little deeper. Check out the other 9 celebrities we uncovered play for both teams.

Celebrity Sex: 8 Stars Who've Had Lesbian Affairs
Before Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie had a love affair with model and actress Jenny Shimizu.
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8 Stars Who've Had Lesbian Affairs

X-Files star Gillian Anderson spilled to Out Magazine that she had a relationship with a girl throughout high school. However, the actress is more comfortable calling herself a bisexual, or perhaps using no label, because her subsequent relationships have been with dudes.