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These unbelievable facts will make you look at this contraception differently.
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Thank The Yams: 7 Surprising Things You Never Knew About The Pill

It's hard to separate the truth from fiction — which can make your birth control decision tougher. But now we have some shocking facts about its creation and its benefits that will help dissolve some of the things that you may have heard about the number-one prescribed medicine in the world.

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"Other than sterilization, NO birth control method leads to infertility!" Dr. K explains.
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Want A Hotter Sex Life? It Starts With The Right Birth Control

Here, Colleen Krajewski, MD, MPH, an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh who specializes in family planning, delves into the inaccuracies surrounding birth control and explains why the pill will not cause infertility. We repeat. The pill will not cause infertility.

A new study shows access to free birth control decreased the number of sexual partners.
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Free Birth Control Is Not Turning Us Into Tramps After All

Women who participated in a 12-month long study where they were given access to free birth control, then had their sexual practices monitored, proved just how unbelievably wrong social conservatives are about free birth control making women more promiscuous.

Sex: What Men Really Think ... Of The Male Birth Control Pill
"I like the idea that guys can be just as responsible for unprotected sex as a woman."
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What Men Really Think ... Of The Male Birth Control Pill

According to a new study on mice, a pill may be in the works that would keep a man's sperm from ever leaving his body — which means birth control may be available for women — and men — sooner than anyone ever expected. Find out how guys feel about their sperm being blocked during ejaculation — and about male birth control in general.



     Children can be a blessing, but lets face it not everyone is prepared to have kids. So for those of you who are not ready for child rearing this article is for you. I will list and detail 20 forms of birth control. Yes I said 20! So with using one of these methods, or combining  a couple you should be able to protect yourself from getting impregnated. 1. Abstinence – The act of refraining from having sex or sexual activity. Lets face it, for most of us this is not even an option we would consider. We enjoy sex so much!

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Equality at last! Men may start painstakingly taking a pill at the same time every day.
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We're Yet Another Step Closer To The Male Birth Control Pill

It seems we've been hearing about the possibility of this happening for quite some time; we even told you about a possible contraceptive shot to the penis a few months back. But this new male contraceptive pill — which, let's be honest, is a lot friendlier than a needle — was recently proven effective on mice, according to a new study. It made the animals temporarily infertile without hampering their sex drive.

Thank You, Rush Limbaugh!
There is some positivity that came from this man's disgusting remarks!
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Thank You, Rush Limbaugh!

It’s great that Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute! By saying what he did, this misogynistic ignoramus inadvertently launched public awareness on this important issue like never before. I’m sure that was the last thing he was trying to accomplish, which is exactly why it’s extra satisfying. To add delicious icing to the cake, Sandra Fluke has handled the potentially devastating situation with dignity, grace and intelligence. Instead of shrinking in horror from the public attention and disgusting remarks, she rose to the occasion in a way that makes all of us self-respecting women proud.

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Nice try, Rush Limbaugh. Sandra Fluke said his apology doesn't change anything.
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Sandra Fluke Rejects Rush Limbaugh's Apology: What Do You Think?

After researching both sides of the Sandra Fluke saga, I find it hard not to side with the courageous third-year law student, who testified on Capitol Hill on Feb. 23, advocating for birth control to be covered by insurance — and was subsequently inexplicably shamed by conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh for being a "prostitute" and "slut."

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The realm of oral contraceptives is getting a bit messy these days.
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"My Birth Control Pill Almost Killed Me"

Some of you may remember my issues with the birth control pill, Yaz. After surviving a pulmonary embolism, I can now consider myself relatively healthy although doctors are not sure if I will have more complications in the future. Even though I've been off my medication for two and a half years, I am still dealing with what happened every day.

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Why I Believe In Natural Family Planning

If you've heard the term Natural Family Planning (NFP), it's probably almost a certainty actually, that you were given some bad information about it. As someone who has practiced NFP with my wife for around six years, I know I've heard more than my fair share of misguidance from family, the media and even priests. Sometimes it's honest confusion or simply a passing along of misinformation, but other times it's a blatant attack on a somewhat mysterious practice that many in our culture chalk up to some form of crazy desire for 20 kids or an exercise in Pope-worshiping. Despite what critics say, Natural Family Planning can be good for your marriage.