Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt isn't just a hot dad -- he has a hot baby mama in Angelina Jolie!
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Celeb Love & Parenting: 10 Hottest Hollywood Dads

Fathers Day 2014 is coming! While Hollywood is full of failed fathers (hello, Michael Lohan and also to 50 Cent, who reportedly missed his own son's graduation), there are some great celebrity dads out there setting examples for their kids. Celebrate Father's Day with the hottest and best Hollywood dads!

Parenting: 10 Celebs Who Became Hotter After Becoming Dads
Baby does a body good.
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10 Celebs Who Became Hotter After Becoming Dads

Thank you, Hollywood, for your recent baby boom and the plethora of hot fathers you've brought into our lives.  Just last year, 98 Degrees frontman Nick Lachey’s world changed when wife Vanessa gave birth to son Camden. Since then, he's revealed his favorite aspect of being a new father. "When they start to recognize you and get excited when you enter the room," Nick confessed.

Kristen Stewart & Ben Affleck
Do you think they would have been good together on-screen?
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Did Ben Affleck Drop Out Of New Movie Because Of Kristen Stewart?

Ben Affleck just dropped out of 'Focus,' a comedy Kristen Stewart would play alongside him. His rep confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that it was a scheduling issue, since he has upcoming directing projects. Wouldn't he already have known he was committed to those things before this point?

president barack and first lady michelle obama
If the President and First-Lady can find work-life balance, can't we all?
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4 Famous Couples Whose Work-Life Balance We Admire

Finding a balance between life at the office and life at home is one of the great challenges of adulthood. This September, the delicacy of that work-life balance comes to the big screen in "The Words." It's a theme we see often in Hollywood relationships, but there are some Hollywood couples who seem to find that perfect balance...