no shave november
Hair, there and everywhere.

"No-Shave November? We Wear Body Hair All Year Long!"

Imagine never having to think about maintaining your bikini area — ever. Believe it or not, hairy legs, fuzzy pits, and 'no hair down there' are a way of life for plenty of women. That means skipping directly over the pre-date deforestation process and straight to outfit selection. We asked two women who live the no-shave lifestyle (and not just in November) to reveal what it's really like to live and love in a follicle-phobic society.

fall makeup
A fresh face is the best face.
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Fall/Winter Date Makeup Trends — And What They Say About You

Wondering what to wear on a first, second or fifth date? Your outfit says a lot, but your makeup can say just as much — if not more — about your attitude. Nonverbal communication — even through your appearance — speaks volumes, especially with someone new. Keep some of these tips in mind to figure out what signals you might be sending with this season's beauty trends.

Meet Nufree, the next generation in hair removal.
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Ladies, It's Time To Ditch Your Brazilian Wax

Many of my friends get Brazilian waxes and swear by them, but because I have sensitive skin, I've been hesitant to try one. After reading about the Nufree system, however, I decided to put my money where my bikini line is and try it out.

ann romney
Is Ann Romney more attractive than Michelle Obama? Why do we even care?
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Love Bytes: Are Republican Women Really Prettier?!

15 reasons to date a politician. Are GOP women ... prettier? Being fit could earn you more money (and the gratitude of the opposite sex). What if your dominatrix does something to hurt your feelings? Does a breakup count if it's done during an alcohol blackout? Is "The Rules" coming back? Dating rules you should break. Is your guy a hypochondriac? How apologies define a relationship. And, size matters.

woman shaving legs
Primp alert: Is she shaving for herself -- or for him?
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Does Having A Boyfriend Affect How Often You Shave Your Legs?

Recently, I've been thinking about how the changing seasons affect my beauty habits. A few examples: I wax my bikini line during bathing suit season, I don't exfoliate as much in the winter and I wear a gel moisturizer instead of a cream one in the summer to avoid oiliness. But one that I've noticed myself and many others tend to do is shaving less during the colder seasons, when we can cover up our stubble (or forest) with long pants or tights.

The Most Beautiful Woman In The World
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The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

Recently I was watching the television show Dr Drew. He had a show about bullying. One of his guests was an amazing 23- year- old woman called Lizzie Velasquez. I had not heard of Lizzie before seeing the show, but she made such a impact on me. Online bullies have called Lizzie the "ugliest woman in the world."

Anna Post YourTango
Anna talks with YourTango's Faye Brennan

Etiquette Expert Anna Post On Fall Date Dos & Don'ts

As the great-granddaughter of Emily Post and the current face of the Emily Post Institute, Anna Post certainly knows a thing or two about looking and feeling your best ... and how to impress your cute plus one amidst the fall foliage.

gabby douglas
"It can be bald or short, it doesn't matter about my hair. Nothing is going to change."
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'I Just Made History. And You're Focusing On My Hair?'

In a day and age when women's appearances are perpetually scrutinized, the controversy over Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas's hair is particularly maddening and egregious, since Douglas has just made history by becoming the first African-American gymnast to ever win the all-around individual title in the Olympics.

How Believing In Yourself Can Let You Achieve Anything
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How Believing In Yourself Can Let You Achieve Anything

Here is something very important for us to remember, and especially important to teach the children. . . .   Believe in beauty, for the Earth Mother is covered with beauty. Believe in love, for your Earth Mother and Sky Father love you. Believe in magic, and you release your soul from the prison your mind tries to build around it. Above all, don't be afraid, the Great Spirit provides all that is needed. Believe in your medicine.

Beauty is In the Soul
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Beauty is In the Soul

  Have you ever noticed that when we meet people who “light up the room” we often say that they’re beautiful? Regardless of their physical features or the outfits they’re wearing, we just know that certain individuals have something special, a sparkle deep within. We’re naturally drawn to them. They shine, and their energy is intoxicating. So, what exactly do they possess? And how can we acquire it, too? The Essence of All Life