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5 Style Trends Men Hate...That I Refuse to Give Up

Ladies aren't the only ones with opinions. We may hate his stupid tees and creepy turtlenecks, but our guys are just as puzzled by some of our style choices. That's fair—I'll keep my giant underwear to myself thankyouverymuch—but there are just some (admittedly questionable) beauty and fashion trends I refuse to give up.

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Venezuelan Politician Raffles Off Breast Implants

A politician in Venezuela had a brilliant plan to get out the vote: breasts. Naturally, sex sells and when you're talking about gorgeous Venezuelans (like famous Andres Galarraga, he's the Big Cat, ya'll!) make it a double. Gustavo Rojas is raffling a new “front porch” to raise funds for his campaign for parliament.

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Weird Beauty Trend: Bleaching Your... Everything?

There are several new-ish trends that women are engaging in to make themselves appear a little more "California." Some of these trends you know about. Some of these trends you'll never see until a gal is nude. The fix is in: some women will try anything to look a little younger.

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The Many Ways Women Hate Their Bodies

I used to work retail and "fitting room" was my favorite shift. Let me tell you, what people say when they're in their underpants trying to squeeze into something is comedy gold! So, let's laugh together with these completely true, yet hilarious, things women are insecure about when it comes to their bodies.

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Is The Male Brazilian Wax Completely Pointless?

Over the last couple of decades, Americans have been grooming more and more. I'm guessing that skimpier outfits have led women to remove more hair. And, somewhere along they way, us dudes were convinced that we needed to have hair removed, so we agreed to some waxing. But manscaping has possibly spun out of control with the male Brazilian wax. Is this something that we really need?

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How To Love Your Post-Pregnancy Body

I know that as a mom, I have had a hard time accepting my mom body. There are days and times when I look in the mirror and say, "Damn girl, you are lookin' HAWT!" and there are still other days when I look in the mirror and think, "what in the world happened to my body?"

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Vattoos: The New Vajazzling?

The spa geniuses have come up with a new way to pretty up our lady parts and empty our wallets—vattoos! If your logic computes that must mean a combination of vaginas and tattoos, then congratulations, you're pretty smart. However, understand these tattoos are (thankfully) painted on and are a good couple of inches above your actual vagina (thankfully again).

How To Wear The Color Men Love Most
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How To Wear The Color Men Love Most

We're betting red dress shirts have been flying off the shelves since last week, when a study revealed that women are attracted to men in red. But the reverse is true, too—men go gaga over a woman in red. Here's how to update your look with the sexy shade that men love the most.

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Does Nipple Color Matter?

We've spent a lot of time here at YourTango talking about breasts: their size, how to support them, breasts that are au naturale versus those that have been surgically enhanced. In all this time, we've focused primarily on the heft of our boobage. The cleavage. The sensual roundness of our breasts in all of their glorious entirety. Who they belong to after having a baby. But now it seems as if we've been missing out on a crucial sector of the boobage debate: nipples.

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Do Men Prefer Women In Sweats Or Heels?

You're getting ready for brunch with your guy: what do you put on to wow him? If you're reaching for your favorite thigh-grazing minidress, you might be surprised to find out he'd rather see you in swears. UK fashion sites My Celebrity Style recently polled 1,125 guys about women's fashion, asking them what they love and what they hate about our closets. Here are some of their surprising answers.

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How To Get Joan Holloway's Sexy Look

It's no wonder Esquire named actress Christina Hendricks the Sexiest Woman Alive earlier this year. Her pinup style is smoking hot, whether she's off-screen or playing the role of Mad Men's sexy secretary Joan Holloway. With the return of the series just around the corner, try your hand at her retro makeup and style that men love.