Show Your Guy It Doesn't Take Forever in the Mirror to Get Glam!

Show Your Guy It Doesn't Take Forever in the Mirror to Get Glam!

Whether it's a romantic dinner date or running errands together around town, women need to make sure they look good. While their significant others have no problem with this, they do often make it clear how annoying it can be when it comes to how long women tend to spend in front of the mirror. If your sweetie happens to be an impatient companion, the stress of getting glam in a hurry could easily get the day/evening off to a rough start.

irresistible confident woman
It's hard to be down on love when you are feeling irresistible, right?

Survey: What Makes You Feel Irresistible?

Tell us, YourTango readers: What is it that makes you feel truly irresistible? How does your partner or spouse influence the way you feel about yourself? And how deep is the tie between feeling great about YOU and, in turn, feeling great about your coupled life?

How My Miscarriage Taught Me To Love Myself [EXPERT]
"My loveliness is now reinforced by the fact that I survived my daughter's passing."
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How My Miscarriage Taught Me To Love Myself

Then, last year, a week after Mother's Day, I finally figured out what authentic beauty was. On May 16th, 2011, I gave birth to and subsequently lost my daughter during my fifth month of pregnancy. During my pregnancy, I gleefully packed on 30 pounds, feeling plump and beautiful. My extraordinary weight gain became a thing of humor. I called myself the clumsy walrus on a daily basis.

Cameron Diaz short hair
Don't worry Cameron, it will grow back!
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Single Cameron Diaz Feels Ugly With Short Hair

Some actresses like Michelle Williams and Emma Watson may love having short hair, but not Cameron Diaz! According to Us Weekly, the 39-year-old 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' star revealed that she didn't mean to cut her hair so short, and that she burst into tears when she realized the mistake the friend/stylist had made.

woman career computer
Do you know a woman who's kicking butt in tech or digital media?
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L'Oréal Is Calling All Leading Ladies In Digital Media!

Here in New York, we know so many inspiring women who are kicking butt in the digital media world. With social media playing a larger and larger role in our lives — including dating lives — every day, it's great to see women taking the reins.

Waterproof (And Tearproof) Beauty Products
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Waterproof (And Tearproof) Beauty Products

Today I was inspired by the cold and drizzly weather here in Southern California. I used to think that a nasty rainy day, or a bout of tear filled heartache meant that I was limited to waterproof mascara, and some lip gloss....but not anymore! Although waterproof makeup is usually thought of as a summer staple, I find that I have incorporated it into my makeup arsenal for all seasons. An bad breakup, allergy attack, sad movie, or blistery Spring day have nothing on me now.

steve carell 40 year old virgin waxing
"KELLYCLARKSON!" This would hurt even more if he were getting more than his chest waxed.
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Weird News: The Rise Of The "Boyzilian" (Or "Brozilian") Wax

According to experts in the field, men are going in for more and more hair removal treatments at spas. At the center of this trade is a male version of the Brazilian wax, a wax that removes all pubic hair from a person's groin. The so-called "Boyzilian" (or as we call it, "Brozilian") may be inspired by porn, or just weird evolutionary shame.

What To Do When Attraction Fades
Remember that outer beauty fades over time.
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What To Do When Attraction Fades

It might just be the last taboo: admitting you don't find your partner physically attractive anymore. In a culture that worships physical beauty and encourages you to place attraction somewhere near the first spot on a list of non-negotiables when choosing a marriage partner, admitting that you don't always find your partner attractive is considered blasphemous and a valid reason to walk away.

Samantha Brick
Samantha Brick is getting a ton of attention for writing an article on her own hotness.
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Samantha Brick: Do We Hate Confident Women?

In case you missed it, Samantha Brick, whose name even sounds made-up, wrote about how "pretty" she is, and how it leads to constant spontaneous gift-giving by men around her. "There are downsides to being pretty," she wrote. "The main one being that other women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks."

women bikinis
Not everyone looks like these gals in a bikini.
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7 Reasons "Bikini Season" Is Stupid

Hooray! Winter is officially over, and spring has arrived. Which means cherry blossoms, the smell of lilacs, the return of the sun…and a torrential downpour of body-shaming ads that would like you to think that you have been a fat lump all winter, and that you are unfit for a swimsuit. Welcome to the beginning of "bikini season."