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Relationships: 5 Bad Habits That Ruin Great Relationships
Harmony and happiness should be your only motive in your relationships.
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The Top 5 Worst Habits That Ruin Great Relationships

Sometimes the most helpful relationship advice can be tips on what NOT to do in your relationship. Why? Perhaps, because we as human beings catch on to bad habit easier than we do good habits. If you'd like to grace your relationship with positivity and all the goodness of the universe, read on for advice from relationship expert Christine Dunn-Cunningham.

man grasping at his heart
Are you nagging your man to death?
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No More Nagging! 5 Surprising Ways You're Killing Your Man

How often has your husband or boyfriend joked that you're just killing him with the incessant nagging, the over-the-top demands, and the innumerable requests? Sorry to break it to you, but he might be on to something. New research suggests that being nagged can lead to a speedier death - especially among men. Unfortunately, that's not the only way you could be (secretly) killing your man:

woman smoking
"I don't care if you're Brooklyn Decker, there is no way in hell I'm going to kiss you."
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Sexy Or Unattractive? What Guys Really Think Of … Smoking

Though smoking has never been good for you, it's always been celebrated as a sign of sexiness and appeal. For the modern generation, it isn't just about cigarettes. E-cigarettes have taken a trendy hold on the marketplace, advertised as the "healthier" alternative to buying pack after pack. And while you can now light up inside at any time and at any place, how do guys feel about your nasty little habit? Are they into it — or over it?

Get Off the Perfection Merry-Go-Round
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Get Off the Perfection Merry-Go-Round

An hour before our family was coming for Thanksgiving dinner my husband, the perfectionist, disappeared. He ran to the store to buy matching folding chairs. At that time we were living in a house that had a huge kitchen but no dining room, hence no dining room set that included matching table and chairs. I was fuming because I needed his help with other preparations. His need for things to look perfect was bugging me, (a former perfectionist). I went into the guest bathroom to admire the new wallpaper we had put up and make sure the guest soap and towels were in place.