chinese food
If a first date was lying around eating Chinese, I'd hate to see when we got casual.

Dating Disaster: The Homebody Who Loved Chinese Food & Pot

I will spare you the details of how and where Jim and I met because our first date was ridiculous. All you need to know about Jim comes out in the one sentence he uttered to me on our first and final date. He wasted much more of my time than I am willing to waste of yours. I value you too much.

Monogamy Or Polyamory: Which One Is Right For You? [EXPERT]
Three isn't necessarily a crowd.
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Monogamy Or Polyamory: Which One Is Right For You?

In comparison, the word "polyamory" was searched on Google 110,000 times worldwide. That's a whopping .030% looking for polygamous information online in one month. Are these stats an indicator of what kinds of relationships people are looking for? Or are they just numbers?

that ump is blind
It's not my fault the umpire has poor eyesight, is it?

Dating Disaster: The Baseball Heckler

I love baseball and when this handsome, successful guy asked me to a game I was thrilled. But a few beers and bad calls later, I was all over the umpire like white on rice. He did not take kindly to my abuse of the officials.

crying man
Whatever you do, do not cry on the first date, OK, man?

Dating Disaster: Stop Crying And Get Off My Porch

A first-time user of has a rough start of it. After drinking many, many beers, a first date becomes weirdly jealous, starts crying and refuses to leave her house. First dates and online dating rarely go this wrong.

police line

Dating Disaster: This Cop Wanted To Lick My Face

When I was living in NYC in early 2009 I met this cop from Queens at a jazz bar I used to sing in. I wasn't so sure if there was much of an attraction physically speaking but I was diggin' the whole cop thing. But a boring dinner gave way to some extreme pushiness, disparaging comments about my neighborhood and insults to my neighbor.