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Dating Tips: 1st Date Disasters: 10 Red Flags Women Should See
This is the type of guy who would send you a pic of his privates. NEXT!
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First Date Disasters: 10 Red Flags Women Must Look Out For

Wouldn't it be great if there was a book on all the guys to watch out for in this dating game? While there may not be a book, there is certainly an article! If you could use some help staying far away from the "not worth your time crew", dating coach Dina Z Colada offers a list of 10 red flags you should look out for.

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Are you attracted to bad boys?
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Why Good Women Date Bad Boys

In my work as a relationship coach and blogger, I hear it over and over again ... yet, at some level, it still takes me by surprise: Why do so many really smart, accomplished and attractive women go for "bad boys" or Alpha males?

Bad Reputations: Should You Give A Damn?
Jeff Zucker will become the new head of CNN Worldwide in January.
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Bad Reputations: Should You Give A Damn?

Let's face it, the guy has a pretty impressive resume and is potentially on the brink of a big comeback, but let's not forget about his bad rap. The president-to-be has been called the "most destructive media executive ever to exist" and is responsible for the entire Leno/Conan debacle, which led to his demise at NBC. Yikes, not a good look.

Backstreet Boys in their London studio
Backstreets back, ALRIGHT!
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Backstreet Boys Are Back! 5 Reasons They're Still Sexy

When the Backstreet Boys showed up on 'Good Morning America' this morning to announce that they're back together for the first time since 2005, we were back to our 13-year-old selves. A mix of completely different looks, personalities and voices, this boy band is filled with five men who all bring something different to center stage, and all five of these men are sexy in their own ways.

9 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Relationship Prospects
Dreaming of that perfect relationship?
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9 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Relationship Prospects

Some people are good at relationships. The people they encounter are emotionally available and commitment-ready, and they sail smoothly into monogamous relationships as if on command. And then there are those who are more relationship challenged. Mystified by how to transform a profile into a boyfriend or how to meet a guy who's not a total commitmentphobe.

8 Reasons Why We Can't Resist Bad Boys [EXPERT]
His good looks won't make up for his bad behavior.
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8 Reasons Why We Can't Resist Bad Boys

We've all been there. You're out with your friends, having a good time, hoping to finally meet that nice, honest, trustworthy, stable guy that meets all of the requirements on your list. But while Mr. Nice is walking right by you, your head turns towards that other guy that just walked in. So, what is it that makes us fall for these guys that aren't going to get us to the relationship we know we want?

Why Women Relate To 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' [EXPERT]
Have you every known a "wounded guy?"
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Why Women Relate To 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

Christian Grey is a predator, but one that we can imagine taming; just enough so he will be a mate, but not so much that he becomes boring. He's darkly erotic, powerfully sexy and ready to be "cured." What a fantasy! He is the quintessential "wounded guy". That's the real draw to this story and why it's topping the bestseller lists.

Still from This Means War
The guys from 'This Means War' are definitely spies, not boyfriend material.

007 Signs He Doesn't Want A Relationship (Or He's A Spy)

According to films, television programs, comic books, daguerreotypes, cave drawings and divinations from wishing wells, your next door neighbor, coworker or even husband could very well be a SECRET AGENT. Spies are many things, charming, capable, physically adept, but mostly they're terrific liars. The same penchant for misdirection that makes a guy top-notch in the espionage game makes him absolutely horse plop in the awesome boyfriend department.

The Top 4 Reasons To Date A Bad Boy
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The Top 4 Reasons To Date A Bad Boy

Bad boys get a fairly, well...bad rap.  At the mere mention of a bad boy, women instinctively lock up their hearts and run away as fast as their stilletos will carry them.  But all bad boys are not created equal.  Some are absolute jerks, there is no disputing that, and we never believe you should settle for a man who treats you poorly.