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Having Kids Chemically Bonds Couples

A recent study out of Israel suggests a man's oxytocin levels may actually be on par with their wives/girlfriends during the child rearing process. Researchers drew blood from 80 couples who were raising a six-week old baby and found identical amounts in their blood stream. As the child matured to six months, the scientists once again analyzed the levels and found the same result. It seems that a mother and father's oxytocin levels rise together while they watch their wee one grow.

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Hitting The Snooze Button On Your Biological Clock

I’m smack in the middle of my 30s and recently married. For some childless women my age, this is tick-tick-tick time. However, while other women may be intimately in touch with their ovulation cycles, I’m in no hurry to have kids now, if ever. My old man and I have talked about it, but we’re both horrified by how much our lives would have to change—not to mention how big a pain in the ass kids are for, oh, say, 18 years.

Celine Dion
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Celine Dion Is Expecting Twin Boys

A few months back, we reported that 42-year-old Céline Dion was pregnant with twins after undergoing numerous attempts at in vitro. And now, thanks to Star Magazine, we now know that the singer will be having twin boys, reports The Canadian singer and her 68-year-old husband/manager René Angelil already have a 9-year-old son together, René-Charles, who we're guessing will be doing a lot of babysitting for and cleaning up after his little baby brothers since Céline reportedly does not believe in nannies or maids.

Cristiano Ronaldo Announces Surprise Baby
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Cristiano Ronaldo Announces Surprise Baby

Just days after his team was eliminated from the World Cup, Portuguese star and man-candy-about-town Cristiano Ronaldo announced on his official Twitter and Facebook accounts that he's become a first-time father. And the world reeled with shock, because seriously, that came out of left field.

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Japanese Robot Is Supposed To Cause Baby Fever

Japan, as you might know, has not been reproducing at a replacement rate (2.1 births per woman), and that has a number of social scientists on edge. And so, a robotic baby that cries and interacts somewhat like a real baby -- but looks a little like a giant Tamagotchi -- has been created to convince childless couples to have a kid. The hope is that Yotaro will charm the pants off these couples, and get that birthrate going back north. There are likely skeptics.

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Managing Depression When You're Trying To Conceive

I try to divorce Michael at least once a month. I blame this on the PMDD, though I've also been diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety and, once, a psychopharmacologist told me I had obvious bipolar tendencies. After the PMDD diagnosis, I realized that switching to Yaz was sufficient for managing my wild mood swings. Then, I decided to have a baby.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
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Jessica Biel to Justin Timberlake: I Want A Baby!

Despite their on and off, 3 year relationship, Jessica Biel is reportedly pressuring Justin Timberlake for a baby. Blame it on her ticking biological clock, but Jessica, 28, "is desperate to settle down and have kids," said an insider to "And ideally she’d like it to be with Justin." Jessica isn't afraid to go the Brangelina route either and just get pregnant, if Justin is afraid to put a ring on it.

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How A Baby Can Strengthen Your Marriage

A growing stack of research reveals that happy marriages take a nosedive when a couple becomes a family. Thanks to sleepless nights, new expectations, and the demands of bringing up baby while holding down a job, 30 to 50 percent of all new parents feel as distressed as couples already in therapy for marriage problems. When a couple has a baby, their marriage can still stay strong. Here's how.

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How To Buy A House With A Family In Mind

For four years, our one-bedroom condo felt tight. Now, with plans to start a family, we're finally planning that long-awaited upgrade. We've been dreaming about the perfect home for years but, with plans to procreate, it's not just about us anymore.

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Real Women, Real Backup Plans

I was watching a trailer for the movie The Back-up Plan when I got to thinking. I always had a vague back-up plan in high school: If by the time I was 30 I wasn't married, I decided, I'd have a baby with a gay friend. I think a lot of us girls have had that plan, but how many have actually carried it through? I decided to ask a few friends. Maybe life doesn't work out exactly the way we want, and yet we still want children, a career, a partner or something else that hasn't quite come on the scene yet. So what are you gonna do? Sit around and lament over what you don't have? No! Life is short. You set a time frame and you say, "If this doesn't happen by this date, then I'm gonna do this, take action, make it happen for myself." I talked to some ladies who know what they want—and have back-up plans to make those dreams happen.

Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
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Jeffrey Morgan And Hilarie Burton Have A Baby

Talk about keeping your private life a secret. Former One Tree Hill actress Hilarie Burton, 27, and her TV actor beau Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 44, (who totally looks like Javier Bardem's long-lost twin brother) have not only been dating for a year, but they also pulled a Sandra Bullock and had a baby together, all without the tabloids finding out!