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Top Baby Names of 2012 & Why I'm Glad We Didn't Pick Pick One
Anastasia? or Zoe?
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Top Baby Names of 2012 & Why I'm Glad We Didn't Pick One

The 100 hottest baby names of 2012 were released today, and it's a familiar-looking list. Sure, there are a couple of newcomers to BabyCenter's top 10 boys' and girls' names, but Sophia and Aiden retain their iron grip on the #1 spots for yet another year. Here's why I'm glad we didn't chose any of them.

Make Stress Your Friend in Getting Pregnant!
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Make Stress Your Friend in Getting Pregnant!

Both men and women are significantly affected by stress on the road to conception and pregnancy. Today we know that your body's function is impacted by stress. Humans only need to think about a stressful event in order to trigger the stress response in the body. Then we get knocked off balance, and a whole cascade of physiological responses take place.

HypnoFertility is Safe, Effective with Positive Side Effects
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HypnoFertility is Safe, Effective with Positive Side Effects

Understanding the best route to choose when becoming a parent does not come easily is important. When you make an optimum choice, such as HypnoFertility, you benefit from positive side effects (stress relief, relaxation). Often people in a couple blame each other when there are challenges with fertility. Also, women often absorb most of the "blame" and interalize it in their bodies. So many messages delivered both intentionally and unintentionally, place an enormous load of stress on women trying ot conceive.

criminal minds
Rossi and JJ discuss evidence on the season 8 premiere of "Criminal Minds."
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Why My Marriage Would Make A Terrible Sitcom

Newsflash: TV doesn't depict reality and we're all disappointed. I bring up the issue because I think that there *is* an accurate depiction of marriage on TV—it's just disguised behind the blood, gore, murder and fictitious science of crime procedurals.

eliabeth hurley bikini line for girls
Why would we want little girls to look "grown up"?
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Why Elizabeth Hurley's Bikini Line For Girls Is Sick And Wrong

Mommy wars cover a wide range of very serious topics such as breastfeeding vs bottle feeding, natural birth vs medicated birth and co-sleeping vs cry-it-out. Though there does seem to be yet another, less-detrimental-to their-well-being divide among moms of young girls: bikini vs one-piece-swimsuits.

baby crocadilly snooki lorenzo
CROCADILLY! Oh, and there's a baby in this photo too.
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5 Adorable Babies Playing With Stuffed Animals (Videos!)

This morning, we saw the most ADORABLE photo in People magazine. Unfortunately it's not online yet, but get this: Snooki and Jionni LaValle's new baby, "little meatball" Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, lounging in his crib with a huge stuffed crocodile MORE THAN TWICE HIS SIZE.

baby time
Men have more of a biological clock than we thought.
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Child Autism: A Risk For Older Fathers?

Since the invention of Viagra, life has been pretty awesome for the older guy. It's been a little like being Catholic: You could go bananas for years, and then settle into the role of a family man around the time you start losing your fastball. It's been a pretty good system, keeping older fellas and younger ladies together, with each something to offer for the other. The arrangement's been perfect because a guy's DNA factory keeps cranking out the sticky stuff late into life.

The 5 Myths About Pregnancy [EXPERT]
Life doesn't have to be unexpected.
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The 5 Myths About Pregnancy

Many women wonder why nobody told them that pregnancy not always rosy. It's impossible to know ahead of time how you're going feel during a pregnancy, so don't be surprised if you're up, down and all over the place. There are many fantasies and myths surrounding pregnancy, and here are the top five.

how to feel sexy again after having a baby
10 tips for new moms hoping to feel better about their post-baby existence.
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10 Ways To Bring Sexy Back After Having A Baby

When I got pregnant, I was bound and determined to look good after the baby was born. I admired those moms in my Facebook newsfeed whose hospital pictures showed them smiling with makeup on as they cuddled their newborn. In retrospect, this was a crazy notion because after giving birth I did NOT look good. Not at all...

new baby
New study finds that women actually want to have sex after pregnancy.
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Sex After Giving Birth: Women Like It More Than You Think!

Despite the wear-and-tear on a new mother's body, the lack of sleep after a baby is born, and the constant screams of the newborn, science has found that most women are ready to get it on long before the end of the doctor-recommended six-week waiting period.