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Kristin Cavallari
Kristin has said she'd love either!
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Boy Or Girl? Kristin Cavallari Announces Her Baby's Gender

Kristin Cavallari has revealed the gender of baby no. 2! Camden's mom took to Instagram on February 1 to share the news with fans, and to let the world know how excited she and Jay are for the new addition. Cavallari has hinted she’d love to have a little girl, but says she'd be "so excited" for another baby boy as well. So which is it?

Top 10 Viral Love Stories of 2013
Watch out! Photobombing coming your way.
Love Buzz

Top 10 Viral Love Stories of 2013

Okay, prepare the tissues. We've rounded up the top ten viral love stories of the year. These stories are the ones that tugged at our heartstrings and went wild on the internet. And for good reason! These stories set the internet on fire and nearly crashed our computers, all because they revolve around the most important emotion in the world: love.

pregnant woman at the gym
Did you exercise during your pregnancies?
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Exercising While Pregnant May Boost Your Baby's Brain

It's no newsflash that staying active and healthy while pregnant is the best thing for both mama and baby. But did you know that exercising while pregnant might actually boost your baby's brain? The New York Times recently covered a new study that suggests pregnant moms who are physically active may produce babies with more mature brain development.

7 Ways To Spice Up Baby-Making Sex
It shouldn't feel like a chore, so don't be afraid to get busy off the schedule!
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7 Ways To Spice Up Baby-Making Sex

When the romance disappears from baby making, serious issues can crop up in its place. In one Stanford University study, women with fertility problems were 15 percent more likely to experience sexual dysfunction. They also reported significantly lower satisfaction with their sex lives. To sidestep potential problems, try these expert tips for stoking your fertility and libido simultaneously.

Parenting: Can Your Relationship Survive A New Baby?
Ready to be stressed out of your mind?
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Can Your Relationship Survive A Baby?

The arrival of a baby marks the real end to the honeymoon for many couples. Instead of fighting about sex, money, "me time" and more, learn how to nip the damage in the bud, both now and after your little home-wrecker arrives.