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You won't be seeing a clothing line from this celebrity baby any time soon!
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Which Celeb Power Couple Is Being Sued Over Their Baby's Name?

Back in January, one Hollywood (or NY) power couple filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office to get a trademark for their baby's unique name. Unfortunately, for the celebrity mom and dad, a Boston event planning company has had the name since 2009 and sued the couple for their attempt to gain the trademark.

sophia loren
Classic sexpot Sophia Loren may have something to do with 2011's #1 baby girl name.
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Most Popular Baby Names Of 2011: The Appeal Of 'Sophia'

Every year when the Social Security administration releases its list of most popular baby names, some parents and parents-to-be are bound to get upset, especially if their baby name is too popular. Who wants to be one of five Sophias in their first-grade class?

victoria beckham
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Why Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names Suck

I could read about, talk about and dream about baby names all day long. Some people might call me obsessed. I get incredibly upset each time I hear a miserable name... a bad name in my opinion, at least. However when it comes to awesomely horrendous names bestowed on the babes of celebrities, they made me stop caring.

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We Can't Agree on a Baby Name

My husband and I generally agree on things. Whether this is due to similar outlooks or the fact that he does his best not to butt heads with me I’m not sure, but whatever the reason, the result is a home and family that’s overall pretty harmonious. In fact, until recently, pretty much the only thing we regularly disagreed about was whether pizza should actually qualify as a food group. (It shouldn’t.) I was surprised to find out this past June that I was pregnant a third time and our headcount would be increasing again. I was even more surprised to learn a couple of months later that we were having a girl. I had the perfect name. So did my husband. They were not the same name. And neither of us is budging.

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Top 10 Baby Names of 2008

You only get to pick one first name for your baby. Many parents can weigh the merits of different names for months before deciding on one. On Friday, the Social Security Administration released the list of most popular baby names in the US for 2008.

Morning News Feed: Nov. 21
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Morning News Feed: Nov. 21

In response to a 2005 discrimination complaint filed with the New Jersey Attorney General's office, online dating site eHarmony has finally agreed to launch a new service for same-sex couples, reports. Compatible Partners, as the new service will be called, is due in by the end of March. reports that police charged a 19-year old man in Florida with domestic battery after he threw a sandwich at his girlfriend while she was driving, nearly causing her to loose control of the car.