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Baby and dog as best friends
You will never see a sweeter love.

The Cutest Babies And Their Animal Companions

There is no more perfect, pure love than that between a child and an animal. The children are still innocent, and animals are capable of incredible unconditional love. Here, we've rounded up our favorite photos from an adorable imgur post (see the full album here).    

Can You Afford To Have That Baby?

Can You Afford To Have That Baby?

It is often said that "some moments in life are priceless"--graduating from college, getting married, and having a baby are treasured moments that money just can't buy. Horse pucky. Your education came with a hefty price tag. That wedding cost tens of thousands of hard-earned bucks. And your bundle of joy will run you approximately $242,000 over the next eighteen years. Yes, everything has a price.

Rob Kardashian on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"
Rob Kardashian may have the darkest secrets of the super-publicized family.
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Who Will Be The Next Kardashian Black Sheep?

Rob Kardashian seems like he has it easy: Rich parents, a sock line, effortless fame. But his reality is much darker than the reality TV sensation that is Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Why? These are the tip of the iceberg. Keep in mind that if any of the Kardashians cease to be aesthetically appealing, they may well be the next black sheep of the family, because it's not like they have much else to offer beyond their shells and endorsement deals. (Even Kanye West admitted he loves Kim Kardashian because she's hot. Not because she's, you know, a person.

You're Ready He's Not - Giving Your Baby Up For Adoption

You're Ready He's Not - Giving Your Baby Up For Adoption

You're pregnant and you are "over the moon" with joy. You've always wanted a baby and, can't wait to be a mom. There's just problem--a rather large one. The man in your life doesn't want to be a dad. Pulled in opposing directions by the man you love and the baby you want, you have no idea what to do. Before making a rash decision, you really need to think things through. Talk about it.

Too cute!
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12 Animals Who Love Their Adorable Mini-Mes

Sometimes, we have to stop and appreciate the little things in life. Warm cookies, hugs from that special someone, and animal parents who love their babies. To that end, here are 12 fabulous animal parents lovin' on their wee ones, just because we love you and want to lighten your day.

The proud papa and his little girl.
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2 Month Old Baby Tells Daddy 'I Love You'

Youtube user Stephanie Passalacqua posted a video of her then two-month-old daughter, saying "Here is a video I recorded of my 2 month old daughter trying to copy the words her father is saying to her. At the end, she says "I love you."" Watch the video and tell us what you think: is this a baby-miracle, or just a lucky mash-up of sounds?