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12 Animals Who Love Their Adorable Mini-Mes

Sometimes, we have to stop and appreciate the little things in life. Warm cookies, hugs from that special someone, and animal parents who love their babies. To that end, here are 12 fabulous animal parents lovin' on their wee ones, just because we love you and want to lighten your day.

cat and baby
I dare you not to say, "Awww."

8 Cute Pets Who Love To Babysit

Some people say that animal lovers are born, not made. All we know for sure is that these babies are starting early! With dogs and cats like these, who needs a babysitter — or a big sister?

man looking at watch
Men worry about being too old to have children, just like women do.
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'Manopause': 8 Signs Your Guy's Biological Clock Is Ticking

Back in August, The New York Times wrote about a study that bolsters the idea of a male biological clock. Turns out, mutations in older men's sperm may lead to a higher risk of autism and schizophrenia in offspring. The results of the study weren't definitive, but they are confirmation that all this talk about 40 being the new 30 is a bunch of hooey.