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Why do some women put men's boxers on their heads after washing their hair? Read on ...
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6 Weirdest Beauty Rituals Women Love

Think your beauty routine is weird? Next time your guy gives you a funny look for doing a face mask or waxing your upper lip, point him in the direction of this list. Here are five beauty rituals that are a little less than conventional.

irresistible you yourtango
Two ways to feel instantly irresistible: Eat amazing food and wear red lipstick!
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7 Ways To Feel Irresistible Right Now

The results of our "Irresistible You" (IY) survey show that many of you need an extra boost of confidence in your life: Only 12 percent of women said they have "high" self-esteem. Time to spend some time on yourselves to build self-confidence, ladies.

Tell Us: What Makes You Feel Irresistible?
We want to know! How does your self-confidence affect your relationship?
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Tell Us: What Makes You Feel Irresistible?

In relationships, it's as important to be the right person as it is to find the right person. It's no suprise that feeling great about yourself — and your relationship — requires some effort.

16 Things You Hate About Your Body That Men Love [EXPERT]
According to Dr. Erica Goodstone, many men secretly love women's feet.
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16 Things You Hate About Your Body That Men Love

Hate your hips? Whether they are too flabby, too bony, too narrow, too wide or otherwise unpleasant to your eyes, chances are most men find them attractive. Women waste an immeasurable amount of time sweating about body parts that men find sexy in any number of states. Check out this list to find out why you should learn to love your so-called flaws after all.

woman flirt sexy
Work those flirty vibes, girl!
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4 Simple Ways To Be Irresistible To Men

There's at least one person out there who writes "professional wingman" in the occupation box on their tax returns each year, and that person is Thomas Edwards, founder and CEO of The Professional Wingman. Here are some of his favorite expert flirting tips.

Cameron Diaz short hair
Don't worry Cameron, it will grow back!
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Single Cameron Diaz Feels Ugly With Short Hair

Some actresses like Michelle Williams and Emma Watson may love having short hair, but not Cameron Diaz! According to Us Weekly, the 39-year-old 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' star revealed that she didn't mean to cut her hair so short, and that she burst into tears when she realized the mistake the friend/stylist had made.

woman fixing car
Are you handy with tools? That could turn a man on.
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10 Surprising Things That Turn Men On

Men are both exceedingly complex and irritatingly simplistic creatures, so it makes total sense that the following 10 surprisingly everyday things are the turn-ons that really work.

"You Is Kind, You Is Smart, You Is Important!"
Everyone could learn something from Aibileen in 'The Help!'
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"You Is Kind, You Is Smart, You Is Important!"

'The Help.' What a moving and powerful film. If only each of us grew up with that mantra so that the lies of self-doubt and unworthiness would stop haunting us. In the movie, the main character, Aibileen (a black maid and nanny) would say the following words to the 4 year old child that she cared for every day: "You is kind, You is smart, You is important." In the movie, the mother would ignore her child and treat her badly. The little girl just loved Abaleen and told her that she was her real mom. She felt safe and loved in the arms of her caregiver.

gorgeous woman
You don't have to be gorgeous and heavily made up to attract love.
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5 Ways To Be Attractive To Anyone

Turns out the qualities people find most attractive about others are ones we can control: Grooming, diet, posture — not the beauty you were born (or not born) with. So, rejoice: You don't have to be a supermodel to get dates and be noticed by men.

liam hemsworth
Hey, we can't all date birthday boy Liam Hemsworth... lucky Miley Cyrus though!
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When It Comes To Dating, Are We Shallower Than We Admit?

Come on, just admit to it: You want to date that guy who all the girls gawk at when he walks into a room; the guy who's so painfully gorgeous that every time you look at him, you think to yourself: "I totally scored on this one." You do, you do — even if you don't realize it.