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Gabby chills by the pool with two of her three girls.

Love & Learn: Gabrielle Reece's (Exclusive!) Revelations On Love

Welcome to the first installment of Love & Learn, a new column devoted to lessons of the heart, straight from the stars we love. Here, Gabrielle Reece—U.S. volleyball icon, former model, wife, mother and author of the just-released My Foot Is Too Big For The Glass Slipper—shares a few things she knows about love after 17 years of marriage, three children—and the usual number of arguments.

Chloe Sutton and Ryan Lochte
Chloe Sutton and Ryan Lochte would look so adorbs together...
Celebrity Love

10 Olympic Athletes Who Should Definitely Hook Up

When it comes to the Summer Olympics, we can always expect a lot of medals, tears and an overabundance of good-looking people. These male and female athletes have been training for years for these games – and with those amazingly toned bodies wandering around London, we've noticed that some would look really good paired with others. After all, that's why they coined the days after the Olympics as the "Days of Glory," right?

matt grevers annie chandler
Olympian Matt Grevers proposes to girlfriend (and teammate) Annie Chandler.
Love Buzz

An Olympic Proposal: Matt Grevers Is A Man After Our Own Hearts

26-year-old Olympian Matt Grevers won the 100-meter backstroke last February at the Missouri Grand Prix. After a quick photo-op on the medal stand, Grevers decided to give his longtime girlfriend (and teammate) Annie Chandler a start… by proposing.