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Is It Sex Addiction?  What's Wrong With These Men?!
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Is It Sex Addiction? What's Wrong With These Men?!

Men behaving badly are in the news regularly. We are riveted by the stories of Anthony Weiner, former governor  and San Diego mayor Bob Filner. These public figures create spectacular media sensations when their actions become exposed. When the famous are exposed they attract headlines as well as our fascination, think of Tiger Woods or Eliot Spitzer or Mark Sanford  or Kobe Bryant or Bill Clinton or Arnold Schwarzenegger. This type of drama goes on in private too, causing pain and heartache to thousands of families out of the public eye.

Will Maria Shriver Call Off Her Divorce From Arnold?
Has Maria Shriver forgiven Arnold Schwarzenegger for his infidelity?
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Will Maria Shriver Call Off Her Divorce From Arnold?

If anyone has a reason to get divorced, it's Maria Shriver. Back in May 2011, it was publicly revealed that her husband, action star and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, had been involved in one of the worst celebrity cheating scandals we had ever heard of: The 64-year-old had carried on a long-term affair with the couple's housekeeper named Mildred Baena that resulted in a child, all while keeping it a secret during his 25-year marriage to Maria.

What Was The Most Surprising Sex Scandal Of 2011?
Will this cheater top the list?

Poll: What Was The Most Surprising Sex Scandal Of 2011?

Last year, we rounded up the top 20 celebrity sex and love scandals of 2010 and crossed our fingers that we wouldn't have to do one this year, because recalling all the cheating, inappropriate sexting and baby daddy drama was just too much to handle. No more scandals, we hoped!

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'The Help': Why Do Powerful Men Abuse Their Maids?

The new film The Help is a timely example of art imitating life. Based on Kathryn Stockett's 2009 New York Times bestseller of the same name, the movie, which opened in theaters nationwide on Aug. 10, weaves together the stories of three women—two disgruntled black maids, played by Octavia Spencer and Doubt's Viola Davis, and the fearless, white, recent college grad, played by Easy A's Emma Stone, who dares to tell their story—in early 1960's Jackson, Mississippi.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Katherine Schwarzenegger Opens Up About Her Dad's Affair

Arnold Schwarzenegger's affair with his maid made him a media megastar overnight. But unfortunately, his actions also made his wife and kids the center of attention. His daughter Katherine recently spoke about growing up as an actor and governor's daughter, and how his political scandal has changed her once moderately peaceful life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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What's With Arnold Schwarzenegger's "I Survived Maria" Shirt?

What the heck was Arnold Schwarzenegger thinking?! It's not enough that he cheated on his wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver, and fathered a love child with one of his household employees. But now, the former California governor has to stick it to his estranged wife again by wearing an "I Survived Maria" T-shirt in public while they're currently in the middle of their divorce.

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What Is Love Without Loyalty? Why Devotion Trumps Passion

Is loyalty love's friend or its enemy? Does love bring us together or rip us apart? We face what Love in the Western World author Denis De Rougemont called "the passion-fidelity dilemma." We want love that lasts, but we also want passionate intensity, and we suspect that we will at some point have to choose which love is worth having, the epic but brief romance, or the companionship that goes the distance. We suspect that passion is like ripe peaches -- short-lived, but much to be preferred over fruit canned in cloying syrup. Love isn't shelf-stable.

Mildred Baena
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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mistress Speaks Out: 'He Is A Good Man'

Just when you thought Anthony Weiner and his sexting exploits had permanently taken Arnold Schwarzenegger out of the headlines, Arnold's mistress, Mildred Baena, decides to break her silence and generate some more publicity for the former California governor. Mildred "Patty" Baena, who was outed as having given birth to a 13-year-old son by Arnold while he was stilled married to Maria Shriver, recently spoke out about her former lover to Hello Magazine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger infidelity
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Didn't Spend Memorial Day With Family

While Maria Shriver was enjoying Memorial Day weekend in Malibu with her kids, her estranged husband Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen riding around town on his Indian motorcycle. He rode solo this time, although he usually rides with some friends. Reports also say that Schwarzenegger spent some time at his Idaho home before making his way back to the west coast for the weekend. Either way, one thing is clear: he didn't spend this holiday with his family.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Rep: Infidelity Cover-Up Rumor Is SO False

Another day, another rumor about Arnold Schwarzenegger. We try to sort out fact from fiction, so here's the latest scoop... Today, we give you the other half of the story surrounding the former governor's alleged misuse of state funds to cover up his now-infamous infidelity scandal. In case you're just tuning in, here's what's gone down: Yesterday we reported on allegations that a member of security personnel during Schwarzenegger's time in office, William Taylor, spilled to the National Enquirer that police officers were used to quietly escort women to the Hyatt Regency when Arnold stayed there. Now, the former California governor's legal team says those claims are totally false. We received official word, direct from a rep who works for Schwarzenegger's attorney, telling us that the allegations are untrue, and that they're simply media fabrications.