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Love & Anger: How to Fight Right
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Love & Anger: How to Fight Right

In addition to green tea and pilates, you can now add a good fight with your spouse to your list of ways to stay healthy. Seriously. According to a new study from the University of Michigan which looked at 192 couples over 17 years, holding your tongue when you are pissed off—could prove fatal.

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Sad? Upset? Survive Your "Emotional Hangover"

Ever notice how when you're feeling down so is your body? Emotional hangovers from stressful episodes; such as spats with our bosses, friends, family or lovers, can bring heartache to the extent of heartburn, palpitations or chest pressure. The key to maintaining your physical health in such times is to recognize that you're emotions affect your biochemistry and taking steps to counteract it. There are a few simple remedies to keep yourself emotionally healthy.