Celebrities Know Instant Sexual Gratification isn't Glamorous

Celebrities Know Instant Sexual Gratification isn't Glamorous

The label “sex addict” has been plastered on public figures like Anthony Weiner, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Douglas, and David Duchovny (just to name a few). It’s easy to see that the extra-curricular sexual activities of these men have been harmful to their families, work, and themselves. The question for the rest of us is: Does the personal addictive patterns of celebrities reveal a pattern of sexuality that is occurring throughout our society (an expression that ultimately doesn’t bring greater satisfaction or meaning)?

Love Through Hard Times

Love Through Hard Times

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, last week, my husband bought me an iPad. For some of you gadget-geeks that are already on your second and third iPad, you already know the ins and outs of the device, but for me it took some time to figure it out. My husband and I had a cute little bonding experience trying to figure out how slide images across the widescreen and how to play AngryBirds. Let me give you the back story, he bought me an iPad as sort of consolation gift.

Why Anthony Weiner Did It
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Why Anthony Weiner Did It

When I heard the news of another prominent figure involved in a sex scandal, did my eyebrows raise? Did they wryly raise further when I connected his last name with the subject matter of his sexting? I don’t mean to be too cynical, but the answer to both counts was nope. I wasn’t exactly surprised. Were you?

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I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

7 Rules For Sending Lewd Pics, Lessons For Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner proved a few things. First of all, even fairly smart dudes and legendary athletes do dumb stuff. Sometimes they throw horrible interceptions, sometimes they think yelling the loudest will make people hear you better and sometimes they send unbidden images of their bodies to people. Here's how you can avoid making a real boner when it comes to texting and tweeting scandalous photos to people.

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What We've Learned From All The Political Sex Scandals

As ridiculous as the numerous recent sex scandals are, we can hope there are also some big lessons that have come out of them—not only for the offenders themselves but for the general public as well. In fact, The Frisky lists out a whopping 45 things they've learned from a few recent male adulterers (Weiner, Schwarzenegger, Woods, James, Spitzer and Edwards). The list includes lessons about how to "properly" sext like: make sure to keep your face outside the shot when taking naughty pics and, of course, always use correct grammar (you don't want to seem like a sleaze and an idiot). Another gem is: being involved in a major sex scandal can land you a gig on CNN and, perhaps, even an advice column. However, the one lesson I definitely can't agree with is, "That Arnold's last name isn’t actually impossible to spell." I promise you, I will never get it down.

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Anthony Weiner's Pregnant Wife, Huma Abedin, Feels 'Trapped'

In the week leading up to his resignation speech, former Congressman Anthony Weiner, 46, vowed to get his marriage back on track, after his very public sexting scandal cast him and his 35-year-old wife, Huma Abedin, into the spotlight However, while some analysts have predicted that Huma, who is 3-months pregnant with the couple's first child, will stand by her man (she works as an aide to Hillary Clinton, after all,) the New York Post reports that Mrs. Weiner actually feels trapped by her situation. "He could be having sex live on TV for the whole world to watch and she'd still feel like she'd have to stay with him for now," said a source to the newspaper. (Although would anyone really blame her, if she did leave him immediately? Certainly, we wouldn't.)

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What Is Love Without Loyalty? Why Devotion Trumps Passion

Is loyalty love's friend or its enemy? Does love bring us together or rip us apart? We face what Love in the Western World author Denis De Rougemont called "the passion-fidelity dilemma." We want love that lasts, but we also want passionate intensity, and we suspect that we will at some point have to choose which love is worth having, the epic but brief romance, or the companionship that goes the distance. We suspect that passion is like ripe peaches -- short-lived, but much to be preferred over fruit canned in cloying syrup. Love isn't shelf-stable.

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No Masturbating! What Weiner Can Expect From Sex Rehab

By now we all know that former Congressman Anthony Weiner is on a leave of absence to attend an "unspecified treatment center" for his addictions. But what can he expect from rehab? Apparently, rehab is a sad, dark place you do not want to end up in. They take away all connection to the outside world (to get rid of possible sexy stimuli), they monitor you with surveillance cameras and most importantly...no masturbating!

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Anthony Weiner Steps Down After Sexting Incident

Three weeks after being caught with his pants down—literally—New York Congressman Anthony Weiner has resigned. The disgraced politician has finally taken responsibility for sexting multiple women after going the "deny, deny, deny" route for far too long. According to Radar Online, Weiner shared the news earlier today at a press conference held at the same senior citizens' center where he announced his inaugural City Council run back in 1992.

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The Worst Sex Scandals In Politics

Although both political parties have had their fair share of sex scandals over the years, one party in particular seems to have had the overall worst ones. Now how do you define "worst" exactly? Well, The Frisky spells—or counts—it out for us with a scorecard, listing 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans involved in some of the biggest, most recent sex scandals.

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Republicans Cheat With Prostitutes, Democrats With Their Staffers

Leave it to The Daily Beast to crunch the numbers on something as salacious as political scandals. We're sure they had a ball doing hardcore data analysis on the last 20 years of cigars, wide stances and love children with housekeepers. Of course, at the end of the day, what we really want to know is which party has been involved in more sex scandals (we'll spoil it for you: the Republicans). We won't spoil the rest of the lurid details.

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Anthony Weiner Checks Into Sex Rehab

Representative Anthony Weiner has taken a leave of absence to go into treatment. It would be reasonable to presume it is for sex addiction. Sex addiction is not really about sex. It's about obsessive behavior. It's about doing something over and over, even though it presents a risk to your job and family stability. It's like a tic you can't control. You know the action doesn't serve your goals or fit into your values, and that it provides only a brief jolt of serotonin, adrenaline, and dopamine. That, in turn, is often followed by shame. But you keep doing it, like a ritual that relieves stress and decreases pain even while it is causing stress and pain.

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Is Anthony Weiner Too Hot For Huma Abedin?

The Anthony Weiner scandal might be generating headlines, but plenty of readers are complaining that his sleazy behavior doesn't constitute daily news coverage. Of course he acted like a slimeball, he's a politician, they grumble. Fair enough, but Huffington Post writer Vicki Larson has a different idea: Anthony Weiner strayed because he's too handsome for marriage, and science says that hotties are not to be trusted with monogamy.

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Do Democrats Have More Sex Scandals Than Republicans?

But it begs the question, why are Republicans winning this awful race? If you ask a Republican, they might say that Republicans are targeted by the media. If you ask a Democrat they might say that Republicans, who are known for touting a line of "family values" are hypocrites. I know one Republican who thinks that Republican politicians are simply set up. The answer it seems, is as divisive as the politics.