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4 Love Lessons From The Bachelorette Finale

Here at YourTango, we don't advocate saying "I told you so" to prove a point, but. . .we told you so. After 10 rose ceremonies, this season of The Bachelorette has come to an end, and we're pleased to announce that Ali gave her final rose to none other than 26-year-old Roberto Martinez.

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Can You Spot A Jerk When You See One?

Watching this season's "The Men Tell All" special last night, two things were evident: First, this is the closest group of guys all vying for the heart of the same girl we've ever seen. Second, everyone—we're looking at you, too, Chris Harrison—really hates Justin. And so, as the debate of whether Roberto or Chris is the better man for Bachelorette Ali inevitably intensifies this week—the final rose ceremony is next Monday, after all—we'd like to draw your attention to another match up: Between Justin Rego and Frank Neuschaefer, who's the bigger jerk?

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Sugar Or Spice: With Men, Which Is Better?

Although Frank seemed to be the man of Ali's dreams, the bachelorette still has two handsome, eager, adoring and completely different men in front of her: Chris L., the kind-hearted, down-to-earth landscaper from Cape Cod, and Roberto, the sexy, Spanish-speaking former baseball player (with the body to match!). You might look at it as a decision between sugar and spice. So, when it comes to men, which is the better pick? We've sized up the men below. When it comes to men and dating, is it better to opt for sweet and kind or spice and sexy?

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5 Things To Notice When Meeting His Parents

Episodes of The Bachelorette tend to be "the most shocking and dramatic yet"—thanks, Jake and Vienna—so we revel in the hometown dates episodes, which lean sweet rather than shocking. This week, on The Bachelorette, we got the hometown dates. Although Ali assured her bachelors that her decision had nothing to do with their families, we can't help but think that had Kirk's father been an avid coin collector instead, Kirk's chances of being in the final three might not have been so slim. Watching Ali's tearful goodbye, we got to thinking: how much can you tell about a significant other by meeting their family?

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4 Love Lessons From The Jake And Vienna Interview

Learn from the Jake and Vienna post-Bachelor interview: in the case of a he said/she said breakup, don’t say anything at all. When a relationship ends, it's natural to want to mention your loser ex to whoever will listen, but it may not necessarily be for the best. The following are some lies you might tell yourself to defend your trash-talkin', and our reasons why you should stop, drop the issue and simply walk away.

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This Week's 5 Most Shocking "Bachelor" Moments

This week, bachelor Jake took his remaining three ladies—Tenley, Gia and Vienna—to St. Lucia for the most amazing romantic getaway ever. Monday's promos promised a shocking twist, with past contestant Ali calling Jake and saying she'd made a huge mistake. As you might remember, the San Francisco girl was issued an ultimatum by her employer: come back now or lose your job.


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